Nature's Spring Accents

Hello hello! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Whoever thought to have the weekend only be two days and the week be five??? Isn't that a little off balance?...I'm just sayin'.

To celebrate spring I decided that I needed to bring some yummy signs of spring into my house. This came in the form of lemon cupcakes. They didn't last long. So, I figured I should bring in something that would last a little longer.
Yes...that came in the form of grass. Which can't be eaten. Although when these were growing my husband did think I was growing them for wheat grass shots. I love him...but he should know that I wouldn't trust myself to making my own wheat grass shots...the case being...that I wouldn't know where to start...and even if this grass is edible in the first place. Annnywhoooo..

So, to start off. I just got some cheap bowls I found at Tai Pan. I've also seen these square bowls..well pretty much everywhere. I think they only cost me about $2 each.

Then, I went to the side of my house where my potting soil has been sitting all summer/fall/winter...and hoped to goodness there wasn't any 'special' surprises in there when I stuck my hand in.
Luckily...if there were...I didn't see them or feel them.
Next, I got some grass seed from Home Depot. I truly didn't know what kind to get. I wanted it to be dense, and didn't want to have to have it in my window to get sun. So I opted for this stuff - Dense Shade areas. Perfect! 
(sorry...don't stare at the picture may just get dizzy)
Came out green though. Wasn't sure of that. But I figured if it works, it works! I watered it down pretty good at first. Then maybe like every three days or so I just used the sprayer on my faucet to get it a little wet. After about four or so days, I started to see little sprouts! I don't know why this creeped me out...but it did ... lol. I'm just being honest.

Anyway. A week later. They were growing beautifully.
I've been trying to incorporate green into my living room this was perfect!
And of course....its an inedible piece of even better!

Have a great week! Now I gotta get myself back to reupholstering hell nightmare.


  1. Love your displays on the bookshelves. Everything looks so crisp and springy. Beautifully done. The touch of green is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a neat idea! I never would have thought to grow some grass in a little bowl.

  3. great idea!! all the green touches look so springy.


happy DIYing! Alicia