Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dresser ReVamp

Okay. So this is shameful.
But to my credit, I was using what I had at the time.
When we first got married, we were gratefully given a bedroom set. This was definitely welcomed, cuz I wasn't a fan of just piling all my clothes on the floor and not having a nightstand gave me the chills.

And, three years later. We still have the set.
But thankfully, with time comes maturity in one's own decorating style.
Actually. Nevermind.
I never did like the color of these pieces to begin with.

And from there. The story unfolds.

The headboard was the first to go.

And then:

I hated it even then so much that I threw a sheet over it to hide most of the color.

Then the nightstands were next:

And back in the day when I was crazy:

And Finally!
The big one.
Which took me for.e.v.e.r. to paint.
Here's the before:

Shameful, isn't it?
I don't think I could put more stuff on the dresser, even if I had to.

And now! 
Holy Crikeys! Soooo much better in my book.
Took long enough to do.
But well worth the wait.

I even got a little sitting area out of it!

All of the handles got a little updo with some ORB spraypaint.
They WERE brass......ugh.
And the nice blonde oak wood - I really have no idea what color they were.
Got some sanding and a fresh new coat of 'linen' colored paint.

And finally, I can appreciate my bedroom set more now than ever.

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