Pottery Barn Inspired Votive Holder

I was honored by having the opportunity to guest post at Someday Crafts a couple weeks back.
In case you might have missed the post, here it is! Enjoy!

 I figured I would show y'all how to work out your DIY muscles to achieve a similar item like this from Pottery Barn but only for a fraction of the price:

They are selling this for $69. I know its beautiful n'all, but.....yeah, never in my lifetime.

I came up with a similar idea that will only cost you approximately $5 (especially if you have the supplies on hand).
Ready to get started?
Step 1:
Alrighty...first things first. You need a piece of wood (of course). I chose to use a 4x4 piece of douglas fir. I cut it to the size I wanted with my compound miter saw (or you can have the guys at Home Depot do this for you).
The length of mine is 30 inches.
You'll also need a ruler (I don't know why I have two pictured here, although I did use both of them....I tend to lose things a lot, maybe that's why I have two....ya' know, just in case),
a drill (I chose one that had a cord because I knew I needed some power behind what I was going to do next),
preferably a 2" spade drill bit (I couldn't find one that size, so I had to use a 1 1/2" bit on this holder),
and a pencil.

Step 2: 
Mark where you want your candle holes. I chose to have 5 holes, so I centered the first one and marked off the rest at equal distance from there.
You'll then need to put on your safety goggles :) (Safety first!).
Now center the drill bit directly in the center of where the hole will be (I marked this with an X).
Turn that bad boy on, hold on tight....and go to town!
I kepted drilling away until my hole reached 1 inch in depth-this will ensure that the hole is deep enough to hold votive candles.
FYI~While in the process of drilling, keep an eye out for the heat of the drill, it will get extremely hot! If it gets to hot, it may start to smoke and spark and who knows.........cause a fire? Eeeeee.
So, if it starts to feel like its getting a little 'warm', turn it off....go get a snack, play with the dog, go for a run....then come back and it should be good to go.
While drilling the 5 holes, I only had to stop once to let it cool down.

Step 3:
Now for the easy and fun part.
On this piece, I chose to paint the whole thing. After letting it dry, I sanded the edges a little and added some stain to give it a vintage feel.
I then chose to use a wood applique to dress this bad boy (or girl) up, stained and painted that also.

Next, apply the applique using wood glue.
Or apply whatever other decoration you choose to use.
I then found some beautiful candle holders to use as the 'feet' to give it more pizzazz.
Worked like a charm!
Just super glue these on.

Put the candles in.
And enjoy!

Here's another one I created... just to give you a little more inspiration.
I used the same technique as steps 1 and 2, but just chose to decorate it a little different.
After assembling, I wrapped this baby with some jute, then added drawer knobs as the feet since I thought it needed a little extra somethin'.
This holder holds 11 candles!
I'm loving the drama it creates.

The possibilities with this concept are endless. You can create a 1 candle holder all the way up to....who knows....30 maybe?
The wood can be stained, painted, spray painted, decoupaged (use wrapping paper for longer pieces), wrapped, embellished,.......etc.
Now get crafting!!!


  1. Alicia,

    I love these candle holders. My teen son made a small one that he stained for me out of natural wood, which I love. I really love the striking and simple looks you've created on both of yours (the black one is calling my name!)...

    The tutorial is awesome. I could put this together myself.


  2. Very cool! I like a girl whose not afraid of power tools. :-)

  3. I was just at pottery barn this weekend and saw it! It was what I was going to make this week. What perfect timing. ahhha

  4. LOVE it! This is super similar to a project I just recently did (http://designbuildlove.co/?p=203), though yours is a bit more "dressed up"! LOVE it!

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  6. I like it. There are many things at Pottery Barn that can be replicated on the cheap. Good job.


happy DIYing! Alicia