Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hanging Mason Jars from PB

Thank goodness for Pottery Barn for inspiring us to be creative and make for pennies what they are selling for gobs of money, huh? Where would we be without PB? I don't know...but I don't want to find out. I have found sooo many inspiring things to make from their website :) Thank you Pottery Barn.

~Now to another Pottery Barn inspired project~

Hanging Mason Jars. Here are the ones from Pottery Barn (you can see the close up on their website).
I absolutely loooove this idea of having hanging mason jars on some twine or even a tree branch.
Uh. I just wish I had the beach that close to me too :)

From that inspiration, I made my own. Not hanging on a branch just yet (mainly because we don't have any trees in our yard) but this will do fine for now:
hanging mason jars

To make these, I was going to go through my jar collection, but I didn't have quite the ones I was looking for. Then I was going to go to the thrift store and get some, but I went to Hobby Lobby first, and on a whim I went down an aisle, and I found some for 50% off....and not used...and I didn't have to clorox them...I was totally sold :) They ended up being 60 cents each :)

So, first, I got some picture hanging wire that was lying around the house (I think I bought this at Target for like $2 for a whole slew of it). I got my handy dandy little jewelry making wire cutter/wrapper thingy and cut the wire a little bit longer than circumference of the mouth of the jar.
Then I cut that piece of wire in half and rolled the wire in on itself on both sides of both pieces of wire:

I then connected them together around the jar:

Next, I cut a longer piece of wire and did the same thing to both sides, then connected one end to the already connected circumference wire, and the other end to the other side: (did that make any sense?)

And taada!

PB has two wires twisted together to create this same look. I did this....and decided that it wasn't the look I was going for. But if you want the twisted look, just do the same steps as above just make sure you twist your two wires together first!

I loooove how they turned out!
hanging mason jars
I found the sand at the dollar store, it came with 1 1/4 lb of yellow (orange?) sand. The votives are also from the dollar store, 4 to a pack. So, this project cost me only $3.80. Eat your heart out PB! lol :)

hanging mason jars

I'm going to create these using larger mason jars and hang them on our front porch railing.
I can't wait for good weather!!!

Update: Here's another fun way to hang your mason jars! Click the picture to go to the tutorial.