What makes me happy? Well, now you get to know! Nikki over at Kreative Knack passed this award onto me.(Go check out her awesome blog!) 
I figure that I don't talk too much about myself on this blog, so this is the one chance you guys get to delve into my personal-ness.. (?)

#1. Obviously my family. Just thinking about all of them, especially my husband, makes my day brighter :)

#2. Max! My beautiful yellow lab. He's goofy, silly, obnoxious, and sometimes annoying but I wouldn't ask for anything more (except for him to learn to stay off the couch....and the bed).

#3. Decorating. I love being able to get out my creative side and changing things up...often :)

#4 Summer. I loooove the sun, the brightness of it, the warmth of it. The feel in the air. Summer is wonderful.
(summer has yet to come around here...so sorry for no picture)

#5. Winter. It makes me appreciate summer more:)
(yes. that is a frozen waterfall...brrr. cold) 

#6. Shoes. To sum it up. I have three closets full of shoes and three big bins full of shoes (some that I have never worn.) Enough said.

#7. Sleep. I love sleep. If I could sleep all day, I would. Although then I would miss out on the wonderful sunshiney mornings.

#8. Waking up to the sun.
#9. Working out. I looove working out. I love running, I love lifting weights, I love seeing the transformation just a little work can do to your body and how it makes you feel.

#10. Coffee. I call it the elixir of life. A good cup a joe can make the world seem like a better place and that we really do have it all figured out.

Now to pass on this award to five wonderful bloggers!

Jessica at Two Shades of Pink. She gives the best! tips and here blog is totally worth checking out :)
Gail at My Repurposed Life. This is girl is awesome with power tools! and turns junk into fantastic treasures.
Charity at All Things Beautiful. She has such a beautiful blog with tons of creative ideas that are totally worth duplicating!
Heather at Pixie Dust. She has great tutorials on everything from crafts to food :)
Meg at A Little Knick Knack. She is so creative and has soo many great ideas and tutorials also!



  1. awww, thanks so much! that's a LOT of shoes. LOL

    cute hubby and puppy! You lucky girl.

  2. wow - thank you for thinking of me!!

  3. Um, hello? Where have I been? I came here to stalk your archives and saw you gave me a shout out! You are the BEST! Thank you so much. And now that we are closing on FRIDAY I am looking to feature some good tipsters. You in? Say you will. Please?


happy DIYing! Alicia