Quick and Easy Two Tiered Tray

Spring's here :)
Summer's on its way :)
We actually got work done in the yard this weekend :)

Is anybody else as excited as I am?

To welcome the spring and the inevitable backyard parties that summer will bring, I made a serving tray in their honor.

Now don't be so surprised at how simple this is, k?
You take two plates (these were found at wally world compliments of BHG, love it!),
and a cocktail glass (from the dollar store):

I then took some jute and wrapped the glass, this probably took way too long but I had to cover up the shotty job I did at attempting to spray paint it. But it turned out looking pretty cool, dontchathink?

Next, I just gorilla glued the top plate and the bottom plate to the juted glass:

Surprisingly easy, aint it?

I haven't used this yet, but I can't wait to start putting cookies, and cupcakes, and brownies and candies....and now I'm just getting myself hungry....on it.

Enjoy the good weather everyone!!!
(or envy those of us who finally can!)

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  1. That's a great idea. I LOVE the colors and patterns of the plates!!!

  2. What a great idea, quick, easy and looks fantastic. Will be trying this project

  3. Those plates are gorgeous! I loved that you used a cocktail glass! I did one with melamine plates and a candlestick. But yours is much prettier! Love it! You really have such great ideas. Here's a link to mine if you want to take a peek...


  4. I LOVE it! I adore the plates and MUST have them. Did you pick them up recently? I hope I can find them at my Wal Mart


happy DIYing! Alicia