DIY Jute Balls

Happy Wednesday Everyone! How's about a quick mid-week craft? Yes? Well then...lets get started :) Here's how you make these cute hallow jute balls.

These were super easy and super quick....a little messy....and well, the quick part was over when you had to wait for them to dry.

Okay. Here's the material list:
  • Stiffy fabric stiffener - I found this at Joanns in the glue section (with coupon it only cost about $3)
  • Jute/Yarn....or both :)
  • Balloons (I used water balloons, it probably doesn't matter)
  • Paper towels and a plastic bag.

Okay. Now cut your jute/yarn to size. For my first attempt I just dry wrapped the jute around the balloon to get an idea of how long it should be and cut it from there. Now put enough fabric stiffener in a small bowl - enough to cover the cut jute.
Mix it up and make sure all the jute is covered.
Looks like this....nice and nasty :)

Now start wrapping the jute around the balloon. I started with a pattern like this:

Then just kept on wrapping it, trying to cover all the big empty spots. It ended up looking like this:
Now, place the finished wrapped balloons on top of a paper towel on top of a plastic bag.
I did this so it wouldn't get all over my counter, although it is water based, so it washes up easily.
I let these dry for about 24 hours -just enough time to make sure they were hard and stiff. Throughout the 24 hours, I turned the 'balls' two or three times to make sure all surfaces got some air and got a chance to dry.

I then popped the balloons with a sharp knife. This part was sooo cool. The balloon crackles and shrinks and 'magically' releases itself from the stiffened jute.

And now you have your own jute balls, for pretty much the cost of the jute (I found a whole roll at target for $1 and the $4....and I can make like 20 balls out of these)
Totally a great deal:

Here are the finished balls made out of the yarn and the jute:


  1. I pretty much love it...I need to make some myself...maybe this summer :)

  2. I have a silly question. I'm new to jute and have actually never used it, but see it everywhere and I want to try it. You said you got it at Target. Now here's the silly question. In what section is it at Target?

  3. I got mine at just a dollar, hobby lobby, and dollar tree. At dollar tree it was in the car/garage stuff (the guys "tool" area). I cannot wait to fill all the spaces in my house with this! Do you think other glues will work just the same as fabric stiffener?

  4. oh how fun! very very clever, i have to try this idea :O)

  5. What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Just awesome!!! I love it and your blog!! Thanks for linking up today!! We featured you so come on over and grab a button!! And keep up the awesome craftiness!!

  7. These are great! I made a nest using the same concept. I will have to make some awesome jute balls to add to it now! This is awesome how cheap they were too!

  8. I love those!! I did something similar a while back. I just used plain ole white school glue thinned with a little water!

  9. Gina: I found some at Target in the dollar section. I had seen it on a lot of craft blogs too so I grabbed four rolls lol

  10. These have been on my to do list for quite some time! Thanks for sharing yours! They look great!

  11. I love these! I've been trying to figure out a way to make some that were really round - not oval - and it looks like the water balloons are the way to go. Thanks for the tip! I also didn't know about the Fabric stiffener... I'd love for you to share your idea at my new party this Thursday!

  12. What a great and easy project--thanks for sharing!

  13. They look great! Ive been meaning to try it with some spring-y colors.

  14. LOVE THIS!! Me and my sisters are going to make these tomorrow!

  15. I wonder if you can use yarn instead? That way you wouldn't have to dye the jute.

    Katharine @ Kat's Almost Purrfect World

  16. I just discovered your blog, and read through almost a year of posts. You are soooo creative and talented!! I can't wait to try out all the woodcrafts you did.
    I recently did a similar craft, but instead used yarn and glue, and made a giant lampshade in much the same way. These are so cute, though! Keep it up and I am following you now :D
    Oh, and the "nice and nasty" totally cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh.

  17. Fiz várias luminárias parecidas com essa aí, de barbante em várias cores, ficou ótimo!!! Dá uma olhadinha no meu blog pra vc ver!!

  18. I just have to tell you... My friend has these and she slides them over the lights on her Christmas tree. It looks fabulous!!! Be careful if your lights get really hot.

  19. LOVE! Why didn't I think of that! Pinned!


happy DIYing! Alicia