Friday, March 12, 2010

Burlap Covered Lampshade and Updated Lamp

So, I have concluded two things after finishing this project. One~spray adhesive and burlap do not go well get wooly mammoth hands.
Two~Next lamp shade I redo is not going to be round, its half near impossible to wrap thick ribbon on the inside of it.

So, on to my project...
Yay! I.Found.A.Lamp!!! (oh, did I already give that away?). Finally!
Its been like forever in the making, but finally, here's my lamp redo :)

So, here was how it started out.
Nice, beautiful, $8, and very seventies....oh and totally not my style.

So, the base got the scrub down, the sanding, and the spraypaint.
The shade got beautified.
The nasty outdated seventies shade got ripped off.

I used the outer layer of the shade as my stencil on the burlap that was going to replace it.

Next, I used some spray adhesive to attach to the burlap.(ugh...worst thing ever...aka. wooly mammoth,

Finished off the edge with some jute, wrapped some ribbon around it and attached a few embellishments.

As for the base ~painted it white, although I'm still not sure if I should distress it or not. But after putting the shade on the base, I knew it definitely needed something else, I mean...this thing was soooo ugly not even a fresh coat of paint could really help it.
So, I decided to girl it up :)

I attached a cute little ribbon and a pertiful flower.

Although the hubs may disagree (he still hates the thing), I loooove it :)

And it has found a nice little place in our living room.....permanently (sorry babe)

And guess what! The light actually works :) woohoo!

So, I need to still clean up the inside a little bit if I choose to actually keep this on....but still, the darn thing works! Yay!

So after my million years months of searching for a decent, cute, and cheap lamp. I found one :) And it turned out beautifully.

Happy Creating!

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