Spring Wreath

So I was noticing my front door/porch the other day and it looks like my house is vacant. It was sooo plain and boring and very blah.

My porch and door rocked during the fall, was beautiful during the winter.
But I don't know...I have something against spring I guess. I can't figure out what the heck to do with the door.
Since I knew something had to happen, even if it was a little something, I decided to 'decorate it', pictured below:

Yes, by decorating, I mean putting a round thing on the door :)
Funny, huh?
Oh, yes, it was there for like two weeks.
Even funnier.

And see those little white things on the door frame? Well, they won't come off, I guess I have to wait for warmer weather to peel them off. So they are stuck there for now.

I know once the weather warms up and my flowers won't die, there will be pots and beauties sprinkled here and there on the porch and walkway...I guess I just really hate the intermittent time between winter and spring where you'll get thrown out of the neighborhood if you still have Christmas stuff up and where flowers will die within two minutes of them being placed outside.

After weeks of total blah. I decided to spruce up the wreath.
Here's the goods:

Ugly wreath, flowers, letter, wire, paper, paint, decoupage, glue gun....and probably some stuff not pictured.

For starters, I painted the edges of the R with black paint, then stenciled the R onto the back of the paper, cut it out and decoupage the paper to the R.
Waited a little bit.
Then wired the R onto the wreath:

Placed some flowers here and there.
End result: My door is not AS boring anymore :)

(on a side note...see the puppy in the sidelight...what a goof :) )

I hid the wire with a little flower, and hid the white things on the door frame with a bunch of flowers.

Now....just waiting for the weather to warm up to get some nice purtiful plants and bring out the patio set!
Until then, I will enjoy the snow that is currently flying and resting itself on my lawn.

Total cost? $6.50.


  1. I LOVE it! So cute and you're right... a bit more welcoming!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Shelley Smith

  2. Oh that's cute! I'm a huge fan of monograms. I did a similar front door decoration with a frame. You can see it here: http://babblingsfrombrooke.blogspot.com/2010/01/monogrammed-frame-door-decoration.html

  3. cute! My door is so ugly I wouldn't want to draw any attention to it. lol
    thanks for visiting and leaving a comment about my table top turned name plaque. Your kind words are appreciated.

  4. Alicia! Thanks so much for stopping by Meet Virginia, and thank you for your sweet comment it just made my day! I love the new wreath you did an amazing job!




happy DIYing! Alicia