Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Steps: Frame to Tray Tutorial

So, I totally had this wonderful plan to do a tutorial on how to make a tray out of a frame, but I was a dimwit and forgot to take any before and during pictures. So, how does one do a tutorial?...Without many pictures :)

#1.First things first. You need a frame. Anyone that is an 8x10 or bigger. Usually bigger. Preferably one that is more retangular than it is square.

We'll pretend this is the way my 'tray' looked before. Which is probably close: $2 from the thrift store.
Of course, this particular frame is the smallest I would ever go, but I guess it depends on where you want to use the tray and how you're going to use it.

#2. Next. Sand that bugger (Now use your imagination and picture someone sanding)

#3. Then. Prime and spraypaint (Once again, us that imagination :) )

#4 Once everything is dry. Do a little distressing:
Frame to Tray Tutorial
(This is obviously the finished pic, but you get the point)
As always, I used my furniture touch up pen to stain the distressed areas. Works like a charm every.single.time.

#5 Add hardware:

Frame to Tray Tutorial
I found the flattest or most adaptable part of the frame I could to screw these bad boys in to -one of each side of course. :)

#6 Now, this step isn't a 'have to' but I decided to start doing it on all of my trays ever since the mishap of my coffee overflowing off the coffee pot, onto the tray, and seeping its way through the paper below. As illustrated:

Frame to Tray Tutorial
Can you tell? It's just a weebit discolored.

So, to stop this from happening. I use Silicone to make a waterproof barrier between the glass and the frame:

Frame to Tray Tutorial
#7 Next, find whatever paper/fabric/ to add to the frames original backing (I usually throw away the original artwork, incase you were wondering) I just sprayed spray-adhesive to the back of the paper then pressed it on the backing.

#8 Next up. Assemble
Frame to Tray Tutorial#9 Look at the beauty you created out of something so ordinary :)

#10 Now find a place to display it!

Frame to Tray Tutorial

Frame to Tray Tutorial
From previous experience, when picking the frame you want, try to find one that has some height or depth to it. It makes it more eye catching and appealing...and useful especially if its really deep.
As you can see, I went for a frame that had some good height to it. Loooove it :) For a few other specimans, check out this post.

Next Step....your turn!