Thursday, February 18, 2010

More on the wonderful bottle they call Martinelli's

Is it possible to have too many Martinelli's bottles laying around your house? I hope not, because I think they are FABulous to decorate with :) As you can see here and now here, and probably at some more posts to come.

For instance: I saw some jute bottles I loved, but they were $$$$. So, I figure. Hey, I can do that! And I did something like that...not quite the same, but good enough for me :)

I took some twine, started at the bottom and wrapped all the way too the top (using glue dots in random places to make it hold) then finished the top and bottom with some ribbon. A few hand cramps later, this is what happened:

And for now, it has found a place in our shower room. Not bad for a free $40 look alike.