Is there such a thing as too many pillows?

This may be completely rhetorical. But.....Is it possible to have too many pillows strewn about ones house?

I just found a picture I took of our living room shortly after we moved in and I'm kind of diggin the whole twenty pillow theme I have going on...(well maybe not twenty, but close).

This couch was soon replaced with a sectional....which I'm pretty sure probably had about 10 pillows on it itself, but when Christmas came we had to move the sectional about pain.the.butt. and bring this pretty fellow back in to fit our uber sized tree...

(I know, I know....don't mind the all to small rug, thats in the process of being fixed)
The tree's out....the couch is still in...the sectional has found a home in our front room because god knows I do NOT want to move it again. So for now....pillows or no pillows....actually I guess thats not the questions...a few pillows or many pillows? If I have many pillows, I figure if someone wants to sit down....they can always sit on the floor and let my pillows be. Any thoughts?

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  1. I dont know! I feel so compelled to fill my couches with pillows because I live the look, but my spouse and friends complain about too many pillows. Then they end up on the floor and NO ONE puts them back. I try to keep to to four per couch and on per chair now. but I also have a large rattan basket in my living room filled with more pillows so I can switch them out when I want too.


happy DIYing! Alicia