Monday, August 3, 2009

Framed trays

So, I'm looking around my house and notice that I have all these old goodwill frames and a ton of scrap booking paper. The frames are just sitting around, the paper's just sitting around. So I figure, maybe they can sit around together. Right? And voila! An idea emerged. How about making a tray out of the frames? I just spray painted the frames, distressed a few of them and added some bling (paper :) ) under the glass. And this is what happened:Then I thought, whats a tray without handles? So I went to the Home Depot and got myself some extra cute hardware to put on the sides and made an extra cute tray that I can put glasses and food and mail and whatever the heck I want on it.
This was the before:

I added more bling under the glass with these embellishments and some ribbon:

I use this tray for my "coffee station". It slides in and out of the corner perfectly by just adding some adhesive sliders on the bottom. Here's the before (pretty huh?): And after: