Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It was meant to be...A thrift store find

So, I had the weirdest inkling yesterday to stop by local thrift shop on my way home from work, so I followed that little inkling and when I walked into the furniture section, my heart flipped then twirled a little bit. I have been looking for a sofa table for like ever, and when I mean forever I mean forrrrreeeevvvvveeeerrrr. Don't get me wrong, I've found plenty that I've liked, but I'm cheap folks. I won't spend over $30. So, when I found a cute sofa table at Target last month on sale, I was the happiest camper in the world. I open the box, and the dang thing is broken, not just broken. But SHATTERED. Luckily I was able to shovel the pieces back into the box and return it to find out that it was the last one. Ugh. So, since then I've been searching endlessly to find another one.

I had a great idea to buy a counter height table (cheap, used) and saw it in half using our table saw and use a portion of it in my front room and the other as a buffet in the dining room. This is what called me to go the the thrift store, to find a cute table to use for the project. Then my eyes caught this beauty:

It was meant to be (pidder padder). I was in love. And it was only $20. SOLD! So, I go and buy it to find out that I was just the luckiest girl in the world at that moment. There was another shopper there 2 minutes before me and bought the matching coffee table and "passed" on the sofa table. Ha, SCORE! I'm telling you, it was meant to be. So I got home and got to work with my handy dandy sandpaper, spray paint, and spray paint gun (Lifesaver. If you haven't used one, get one! Believe me, your hands will thank me some day.)

And here's what it looks like today (yes, one day turn around. I know I'm impatient. But I've been waiting for this day for like ever, remember?)

And yet again:

So, after I spray painted the table (I decided to skip the actual paint because I'm impatient. Remember FoReVeR I've been waiting), I figured it needed a little something extra. I changed out the knob and distressed it a little with my once again handy dandy sandpaper. I just roughed up the edges a little bit and then stained it with a furniture/wood pen thing. Its made to hide blemishes or scratches on your wood. I think it works perfect for staining the exposed wood under paint. I use it all the stinkin time.

This is how the front turned out. Remember Before:::

And then after!!! WOooHoo!
Don't worry. I'm still planning on doing the table times two project. I just have to find a cute table that has the lines and curves that I desire in one. When I do it, I'll be sure to post it! FYI, this project only cost me $28. $2 under my budget!