Monday, August 25, 2014

Model Home Monday {UV Parade of Homes #20}

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Hi all! I think I'm getting super good at missing these Model Home Mondays :) I've only missed two, so I guess that's not that bad! I work full time and am a full time mom...and run this blog, so editing a ton of pictures doesn't sound like fun sometimes lol :) But, I'm sooo glad I found these pictures of this home. The entry way and some of the bedrooms are absolutely my favorites. I love the use of wallpaper and wood accents too. This house is 7,606 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and priced at $675,000.

Hope you enjoy!
Isn't this a fun idea to break up a wall? Love this front room:
 This entryway has got to be my fave. I have thought about doing board and batten or a planked wall in my entryway, but this definitely makes me rethink my plan :)
Cute idea for entry way
Living room....thoughts on that fireplace?? ...
 The kitchen:
 Loving the surround on this island:
The master bedroom: This is actually a twill-type wallpaper on this wall.
master bedroom decor ideas
Makes me want to paint my walls white!...soooo bad :)
master bedroom decor ideas
 I love this bathroom...but that light reminds me of a high school locker room...just sayin'.
 So, this is my dream bedroom for my little girl when she grows a little older. How cute is this?! And that wall die for!
girl room decor ideas
 Love this cute little room too. This room had a bank of windows around two whole walls. Just amazing.
girl bedroom decor ideas
 Guest bathroom. Check out the lights :)
Cute little boy's nursery:
little boy nursery decor ideas
and the other side:
nursery decor ideas
Little boy's room. How fun is this? :)
boy bedroom decor ideas
I really wish I had a room dedicated for just crafts and/or an office.
Awesome laundry room:
And the outside!
What did you think? I really loved this house...but hated..completely hated...the fireplace. It just didn't belong with this style at all. But everything else was amazing...and the design ideas were perfect :)

Builder: Millhaven Homes
Interior Design: Four Chairs Furniture

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ikea Hack: Faux Apothecary Cabinet and Safety Video With 3M

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This post is in collaboration with All thoughts, opinions and projects ideas are my own.

I had a great opportunity to work with again and create a nice little reminder video about keeping safety the #1 priority when doing any DIY project. I am always caught thinking, "Well, it's only one cut. Nothing can happen this one time." But that's why it is called an accident, it only takes that one cut or that one time to seriously injure yourself. I remind myself daily of this and before I start any project. I feel like it's something my mother would say lol...but, hey, aren't mom's always right? (you can view the video at the end of this post)
Faux Apothecary Cabinet Ikea Hack

Friday, August 15, 2014

Side Table Makeover with Brass Details

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It's been forever since I have painted a piece of furniture without repurposing it too. It was kind of fun...and easy :) I should probably start doing it more often, but then again, I'm also running out of places to put things in my house lol.

So, awhile back I was shared on Facebook that Hobby Lobby was having a massive clearance on a ton of furniture...up to 90% off. This is where this beauty came from:
I was planning on going to the thrift store by our house to pick up some cute side tables for a room I was redoing, but decided to bag it since I knew the prices I would find. They seriously think they are the Ashley Furniture clearance area. I kid you not. The turnaround there is pretty slow because of it too. So, I decided to nix it and get some fabric at Hobby Lobby instead. Then of course, I saw Hobby Lobby's sale. And...yeah, ended up coming home with 5 tables, and 1 yard of fabric :) I picked up this table for just a little bit more than what I would have gotten it at the thrift store.

I kept telling myself "I'm not going to paint this white. I'm not going to paint this white." Even though every ounce of my being was wanting me to do so. I even bought some white spray paint 'just in case' lol. I was talking to the hubs telling him that I'm thinking I just might end up painting it white and he then told me to just get a white paint bomb and explode it in our house to save time :) Luckily I've been on somewhat of a color kick lately cuz that would have been messy.
Furniture painting idea -add corner brackets for cute details
Yep, I decided to go bold and paint it teal. Holy moly. It looks so out of place in my house lol. But! It's not white :)

This table was just cheap mdf and horribly finished (in my opinion), so I decided to sand the heck out of it and give it a good dose of primer.
I then went out of my comfort zone and changed the beautiful white primer into Krylons "Sea Glass". A little bolder than I anticipated :) I've been wanting to do some brass/gold details on some pieces of furniture for awhile now, and I figured this would be the perfect piece since just painting it would be so boring. So, I grabbed some corner brackets and a brass knob and added them on.
And since it was already pretty gawdy, why not go all out?
Furniture painting idea -add fun design to side of drawers
I stenciled a cute design on the drawer with some gold and white paint.
I love how this looks, opened and closed.
Furniture painting idea -add fun design to side of drawers
Furniture painting idea

I'm loving this piece, but it only looks good on my white wall, not my beige walls. So, now I have to go and paint another wall white lol ;) Or I may just end up using it in the bedroom I just redid at my mom's house. What do you think?...or maybe I will end up painting it white again so it fits back in my house lol.

before and after furniture transformation

Monday, August 11, 2014

Model Home Monday {UV Parade of Homes #21}

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Hi there! Since I missed last weeks Model Home Monday I figure I should show you a show stopper this time around :) I was in love with this house. It was a breath of fresh air since a lot of the items in the house were already part of the family and not just from a design firm. You can see in the vintage touches and antique items. This house is 9,390 square feet, 6 bedrooms, and 6.5 baths.

Hope you enjoy!

The front room: These are actually charcoal portraits. How amazing is that?
 The dining room:
The kitchen was huge, 1500 square feet huge...and truthfully a little odd since it looked like 3 kitchens spliced together. But there were some good ideas going on, like this tile.
 Here's the back end of the kitchen:
 And the outdoor kitchen. Love this bar right up to 'serving' window.
The living room:
 Prettiest little mud room I have ever seen :)
 Love the use of frames along the curved stair case.
 Random picture, but I am in love with this planked wall.
 The master bedroom:
 Guest room:
 Guest bath:
 Girls room:
 Girls bath:
 I don't know how I missed the actual picture of this bedroom...probably because I was so focused on this awesome climbing wall and little tunnel to the other rooms :)
 Guest bedroom:
 Guest bath. Love this mirrored tile! did he hubs, who would have thought? lol
 The craft room:
 The comfiest theatre I have seen :)
 The downstairs eating area:
 The downstairs kitchen which is bigger than my normal kitchen lol
 oh, and I loved this little nook at the top of the stairs :)
 And here's the beautiful house!
It had a few more rooms and bathrooms that I showed you, but as with most Parade of Homes, you are super lucky to get decent pictures in the first place let alone without someone in them ;)

Builder: Jon Young Design, Inc.
Interior: Four Chairs Furniture
Landscape: Platinum Landscape LLC
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