DIY Custom Candles With Napkins | Full Video Tutorial

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What is one thing that has been a staple in your house no matter how often your style changes? For me, it's been candles. They went from big chunky ones to small taper ones and now I love showcasing both. Combine my love for candles and with my love for beautiful napkins and you get this next tutorial! Yep! I'm going to show you how to customize any wax candle using napkins. I warn you, this may be addicting, and you will be on a search for cute napkins allll the time! :)

Supplies I used:
Pillar wax candles, any size. Battery operated would be better if you want them lit.
Decorative napkins
Wax paper
Exacto Knife
Drop cloth or paper towels to cover your work surface and protect against wax.
Tips: I find most of my pillar candles on the Christmas clearance. You can get them for about a buck or two. Also, the napkins are from Home Goods. I even found some cute ones at Dollar Tree! 

Step 1.
Most napkins will have multiple plies. Carefully pull the top ply with the design off the napkin. This may take time, and may take multiple napkins to get there. Just got slowly.
The top ply will be very delicate, like tissue paper.

Step 2:
Layer a paper towel underneath a piece of wax paper that is larger than the napkin. Then place the napkin face down on top of the wax paper. Place the candle on top and orient it where you want the design to go.
Step 3:
Roll the napkin onto the candle, making sure it's a pretty tight fit.
Step 4:
Now roll the wax paper over the napkin.
Step 5:
Now using the iron on medium, iron the candle. Just place gentle pressure and don't stay in one spot for too long. Move it along quickly and efficiently. The candle will melt and secure the napkin to it's self.
Step 6:
Using the knife, follow the ridge of the candle and cut through the wax paper and napkins. Do this to the top and bottom.
Step 7:
Here's the fun step, pull the wax paper off. Yep! It comes off! 

Clean up the edges, and go back over with the iron if you find any spots that you missed. Now, it's probably best to not light these candles seeing that there's paper on it. So be careful. It would be best to use battery operated candles if you want the glow. Or don't go all the way to the top with the design, and keep it lower. 
I made two of them with this same design so I can display how pretty the napkins are! 
I'm now on a search to find another napkin design that will compliment these so I can make a smaller third candle. 
Check out this full video tutorial for more tips and how I did made these! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia