Cozy White Christmas Cottage Inspiration

Are you ready for this? I am giving you some serious cozy cottage Christmas decor inspiration for your living room today. I'm talking about over 20 pictures. I've included the pictures in here that inspired me, and I've included what caught my eye. You can stare at some of these for minutes finding new ideas and inspiration. They are packed full! And you know what? These homes don't actually exist in real life. I know, I know. I asked AI to give me a cozy white cottage Christmas living room decor and this is what I got! I'm not saying AI should replace accounts like mine, for I will always be sharing my home no matter what AI does inspiration wise, but it is fun to play around with and see what it comes up with! 

Let's start! 
How cute and quaint is this space?! I love the use of greens with the garland swagged along the ceiling line.

This sweet image of this Christmas mantel decor has given me so many ideas for building a new mantel. I also love the ideas of hearts with Christmas. I never thought to combine those. You'll also notice through most of these pictures, there's a wreath front and center, plus bird houses and clocks.

First off, I'm not sure what these duck/reindeer things are that flank the wreath haha. But! I do love this mantel decor especially the use of the garland and pinecones. This also shows how the two sides of your mantel don't have to match or be symmetrical, yet still look symmetrical. The one thing that actually caught my eye on this first, was the Christmas tree in a basket. I am loving how it looks so cozy and nestled in there...that would have to be one large basket! Or maybe you can just take the bottom off the Christmas tree and have it kind of balance in a basket. Thoughts to pursue! :)

I'm keeping this in here to show that your whole house can be white and green for Christmas, but subtle pops of red can make a big impact! It's the perfect way to tie in the traditional Christmas colors.

So, I want to vault my ceilings and add beams now to every room in my house because of this picture. The swag on the beams is just gorgeous! Also, loving the full mantel with the houses and garland. Another example of not being symmetrical.  

So, I'm going out to buy the clocks I walked past at the thrift store today. I love this mantel idea! Everything about it from top to bottom is just perfection. I also like the shelf decor. There's a lot going on in this room, but with neutral colors it doesn't seem overwhelming or too cluttery. 

Here's an idea to put the garland on every flat surface in your home :) Well, not all of them, but I do love the garland on the top shelf, mantel, beams, etc. This picture reminds me of the perfect little English Christmas cottage...almost out of a Hallmark movie.

Have you noticed yet all the wreaths above every fireplace yet? This is another cute idea for cozy Christmas fireplace mantel decorations. There's not a use of green garland, but tied up other items. I can't really tell what they bells and mittens maybe? I love the bunting as well. The overall design of this cute faux fireplace is full of inspiration! 

Take me back to another Hallmark Christmas movie, please! This is a similar setup to my living room ... I mean minus the beautiful vaulted ceilings and beams. And the gorgeous bookshelves. But I do have the two shelves on the side of my fireplace so I'll say it's close :) The mantel decor is just simple and beautiful with the garland and candles light along it. Add a mirror and wreath and flank it with two pictures, and you have a perfect focal point. 

They switched out the hearts in this one and added stars ... I think they are stars, haha. This is another win for the faux mantels. The way the wood is stacked in the corner with the candles gives off such a cozy vibe. I do love the use of all the lanterns as well. 

Transport me here, please! The twinkling lights all over is so magical! Also, the garland on the mantel? Gorgeous! 

How fun is it that the stockings are hung in the fireplace instead of along the mantel? I also love the garland strung over the windows. Seriously though ... I just shot all the photos for my living room yesterday, and I'm already going to have to redo them once I redecorate with all this amazing inspiration I've been seeing here! 

This is such a beautiful traditional Christmas living room. Once again I'm not sure what animal is on the mantel haha ... duck, bunny, fox? I have no idea. All the baskets underneath the coffee table is such a great idea! I always feel like it's completely bare and empty a big eyesore staring at me. Also, how gorgeous is this Christmas tree decor??? 

The quaintness of these small windsor type chairs got me in this one. I actually like the simple tree as well, it's not really a focal point nor after thought... just simply part of the decor.

Yes please to this one! I'm going to have to have two mantels on my fireplace now. How amazing is this?! I love the use of gold and green. It makes it so magical and elegant. And ... let's look at all those pillows on the couch. ha! And to think I had a lot. I also love the paper type star on the top of the Christmas tree. That's a good idea for those popular paper star crafts going around.

I can't sum up what I love about this space below. It's just all perfect....besides the coffee table which is a bit small :)

I had to add this one in here for all you red loving fans of Christmas :) Although...I'm not sure if that's a dead owl splattered against the wall or not, lol.

Okay, last, but definitely not least. Actually ... this is one of my top faves. The use of gold throughout the room, with small accents of green is beautiful. That tree??? Come on! It's giving me inspo to completely redo mine with all gold everything....and add lots and lots of it. I also love the collection of whatever they are on the shelves. Once again, not too cluttery since they all blend so well into the color scheme. my takeaways on these amazing fake rooms.
1. I need to move to the English countryside apparently.
2. I need vaulted ceilings, wood beams, and white wood paneling ... I think probably even white wood floors. 
3. I need a wreath above my mantels...front and center.
4. Become a maximalist. I always thought I had a lot of stuff...but turns out, I can have more :) 
5. Lighting makes a difference in the cozy factor of your space. All of these rooms have candlelight, twinkling light or a fire.
6. Apparently birdhouses, houses, and clocks are apart of every Christmas cottage decor. 


happy DIYing! Alicia