Introducing My Amazon Collection for Creative Souls - Journals

This post contains affiliate links..although the products are my own, so there's that :)  Full review in the video at the bottom of the post as well!

Hey there! I am absolutely thrilled to finally spill the beans on a project that has been brewing in the background for a good few months now. (I kind of shared a little bit about it on my IG stories) You know that feeling when you're bursting with excitement? Yep, that's me right now! 😄 So, what's the big news, you ask? Well, get ready for it because I've taken a leap into the world of selling books on none other than Amazon! Can you believe it? I know, right? I'm practically doing a happy dance as I type this out!

I've been juggling so many ideas and designs lately that sometimes it feels like my head's spinning, but in the best way possible. And guess what? These ideas are now coming into reality, and I can't wait to share them all with you. I have so many ideas and actual designs going on right now, it's hard to keep track....these books will include everything from journals, to recipe books, to essential oil guides, down to decorating and creativity guides. I'm so excited to get this ball rolling!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the first stars of the show – my two stunning journals. Picture this: journals that are as soft as butter, wrapped in a dreamy matte finish. I kid you not, I've been caught red-handed petting these beauties because they're just that irresistibly tactile. Can you blame me though? Ha, didn't think so!

First in line is a breathtaking floral design, set against a rich dark blue backdrop. And let's talk size – these journals are a generous 7x10 inches, giving you all the space you need to let your thoughts flow freely. This journal comes in paperback and hardback! 
Speaking of design, I wanted these journals to do more than just capture words. They're like miniature pieces of decor, designed to seamlessly blend with your surroundings. Imagine leaving one on your table or nightstand – it's like an instant style upgrade!

Open the pages, and you're greeted by the inviting warmth of elegant cream paper. With a whopping 200 lined pages, there's no shortage of space for your musings. Plus, I've sneaked in a sweet little circle for you to play with – whether it's for numbering pages, doodling, or indulging in some soothing coloring. Go ahead, make your words as pretty as they deserve to be. Jot down your day's adventures, sketch out your home ideas, or simply pour out your thoughts – the choice is all yours.

But wait, there's more. Introducing the second design, featuring an adobe-colored backdrop adorned with a ravishing reddish-pink floral theme. This also comes in a hardcover and paperback.
Just like the other, this one boasts 200 cream-lined pages with that charming "belongs to" introduction....but there's more, and it's my favorite part .... 
Both sides of these pages include a beautiful floral design! These flowers are so fun to color or shade! I have this set of yummy smelling felt tip pens that I take notes with. Having something to color on along with taking notes is the best! Taking down notes for work has never been so fun...seriously. It's a whole thing now....pretty pens and a beautiful notebook/journal! 

So, here's the scoop.... These journals are more than just journals – they're your companions in creativity, your partners in planning, and your canvases for self-expression. And guess what? They're now available for you to snatch up and make your own. Whether you're a fellow journal enthusiast, a note-taking aficionado, or simply looking to infuse your life with a bit of beauty, I've got you covered.

Curious to see these wonders for yourself? Well, I've made it super easy. Just follow the link to my Amazon store and prepare to be enchanted. Go ahead, give yourself the gift of inspiration – because you, my dear, deserve it. Let's embark on this journey of creativity together, one page at a time. 

I have a special treat for you now! I decided to do a whole video on these books, so you can see how they look...with movement. ha! Check it out below! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia