5 Christmas Decor Must Haves

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Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? I know it's early, but hear me out. I still feel like it's July although the weather is finally telling me it's not. This has been happening more and more every year. I guess I just wish it was an endless summer. I realized a few years ago, that in order to get in the mood for Christmas by Christmas day, I need to be enveloped in all things Christmas for longer than just 4 or so weeks. That means decorating the first week of November. Also...it takes me like 2 weeks to decorate for Christmas. So, it's better to get going early otherwise it would be mid-December when I was done if I didn't start until after Thanksgiving. 

That all being said, I never have a plan for Christmas decor. I just let it happen. Serious. I had no idea I was going to decorate the way I did this year even the day before I started. I just put up a tree and run with it. It's like packing 10 outfits for a 3 day vacay. I don't know what mood I'll be in when I get dressed, so it's good to have options. As with Christmas, I don't plan months in advance because I don't know what mood I'll be in when it gets to the day of decorating. For instance, I bought a whole bunch of stuff on clearance last year totally thinking I would use them in my decor this year. Did I? Nope. Not at all. I can plan, but most of the time it doesn't stick. 

So as I was decorating this year, I found that I kept going towards 5 things. I shared them in this reel below (check below it for more info on them and links!)

The theme? If there is one...it would be golds, eucalyptus, and green... and maybe bells. Some of these I had, some I needed more of, and some I needed all of. I feel like these are becoming the trend in Christmas decor this year, so hopefully I'm finally on trend with something. ha! 

I've been adding lots of greens in my decor this year. I was going to do red, but when you feel like it's still July in your head, it takes a lot of Christmas spirit to decorate with red and I'm just not there yet. So for now, it's green! I love having green throws throughout my house to tie it all in.

Bells are a Christmas thing...I mean, they have been, but now they are even more! Big bells, small bells, silver or gold. I found these cute little bells and have them in my tree and on my mantel. I'll be using more for my stockings and maybe even gifts.

Being that I'm not fully into the Christmas spirit mode, I decided to add some eucalyptus into pretty much all of my Christmas greenery. This helped softened the blow for me, plus it fills it up and makes it so pretty! I used two types, this one is the silver dollar variety of eucalyptus. 

And here are the longer stem with small leaves, also a peak at some of the bells.

Since I have a thing for candles and candlesticks, it should be pretty obvious they are going to be used in my decor...somewhere :) But I never had a thing for gold or brass. I found two vintage brass candlesticks from a local shop and wanted more! Luckily I found some that blended in with them perfectly for my mantel decor.

Do you have a Christmas theme this year? Does it change just like mine up until the moment of decorating? I'll be sharing my complete tours of my Christmas home in the coming weeks! You can also still find me doing all the behind the scenes things on my social media :) 

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happy DIYing! Alicia