How To Turn Your TV Into Artwork

I have a love/hate relationship with TVs, as I'm sure you all do. It's a great source of entertainment and to pass the time....but it's an eyesore when not in use. Over the past few years, TVs have come a long way and you can now frame them and there's actually nice TVs that make beautiful art. But, where my TV sits I can't frame it, and where my budget sits...I can't afford the art-TV. So, what's a way around it? Check out this reel first and then I'll share more below :)

If you have a smart TV, it's as easy as going onto YouTube! On Youtube just type in "TV wallpaper" or "Vintage TV Art" or some variation thereof.  There are some really good channels out there that keep the art on the TV for about 5-10 minutes, and then change, like a slideshow. Some even come with some relaxing music. My favorite channels are "Vintage Art TV" and "Gallery Art TV". When you pick one you love, you can also go down while you are viewing to get similar channels or videos to discover more! It's so simple and gets rid of that black box! I don't use this all the time, but when entertaining and company is over, I definitely do! Or when I'm cleaning and want something prettier to look at. 

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happy DIYing! Alicia