Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Every Woman Would Love

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I love rounding up some of my favorite things every year around Christmas. I tend to discover new items throughout the year that I find I can't live fact I buy some of them multiple times! I love sharing these items with you! They range from home decor to things to pamper yourself with along with total mom things. I found a ton of things I love this year know, because didn't we all do most of our shopping online this year? ha! My Amazon cart proves it! This is my favorite things list but totally doubles as a Christmas gift guide for the mom or woman in your life. 
I own and have tried everything on this list. So, if it made the list, it's a five star review from me :) I'll be sharing a lot of these on my Instagram stories in the coming days. So be sure to follow me there :)
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Comfy Pajama Pants (multiple patterns)
These are my favorite pajama bottoms! When I ordered them it was mainly for the look. I was hesitant on the quality because they were so cheap, but was so surprised when they came in. They are soooooo soft and amazingly comfy. They are also pretty long for us tall folks. I was afraid they would shrink, and they didn't at all! More of these pants are on my Christmas wish list. They come in a ton of cute patterns. I'm tall but wear a small, and got a small. 

Velvet Sweater Hangers
I was introduced to these hangers lasts year by a friend. I didn't know what I was missing out on until I used them! In the past, I bought just the cheap plastic hangers. I didn't realize how much space these took up and how bad they were on clothes, especially sweaters. With these new hangers, they are velvet lined and keep clothes on the hanger and take up so much less space! Plus, they don't leave those awful little puckers in the shoulders.

Stuff Animal Storage Bean Bag Cover
This thing is amazing and such a good idea! My little one's bedroom used to be covered in stuffed animals. We would throw them into a corner just for them to be spread around like crazy again. We had no real way to corral them. With this cover, you stuff all the stuffed animals into it, zip it up, and voila, a perfect little place to sit, hang out and read a book! It has a large zipper opening that is easy to open and riffle through to find the right stuffy. You can also use this to store other soft items like extra pillows and blankets. 

Cuff Bracelet
This bracelet is one of my favorite gifts to give! I have bought it a handful of times this year for presents. There are a ton of sayings you can pick from to put on the inside of the cuff. It even comes in a cute little box! These are great teacher gifts, mom gifts, and friends gift. Or get on for yourself :)
This is a new thing for me. I've never been one to paint my nails. In fact, they always felt like they were suffocating, ha! We went to a princess tea party a few months back where they offered free gel nails. So, my daughters and I got them done. I have loved them ever since! Now, these are not professional grade gel nails, but a pretty good in between. I would never pay to get my nails done...the last time that happened was for my wedding. I'm just that kind of girl. So, I decided to buy this kit so we could continue to do gel nails at And it totally works for us. It took a couple of times getting the hang of it, and they don't last weeks like professional nails. But that's okay, because we like to change them up often anyway! I can get about a good week or two out of these ones.

Woman's V-neck Shirt
I wasn't going to include this in my favorite things. Then I realized I have bought three of them and the last color is currently on my Christmas list. So, it's obviously one of my favorite things! This cute shirt is pretty versatile in terms of styling. It has a deep V, so if you wish to show the lady's off you can. Or you can wear this as an off the shoulder shirt. You can also just pull the shirt down in the back so it's not as revealing. It's a fun shirt to wear no matter what the occasion. It definitely doesn't come as long as the picture, which I kind of like better it being shorter. It fits a few inches below my belt line. I normally wear a size small and I got size small. 

Also, if you are looking for a cute bralette to go with this for the off the shoulder look, I love this one! 

Amber Vases (set of 6)
The amber vase trend is high right now! I love my vintage amber vases, but sometimes they can be super difficult to find. I had a shoot I did for a magazine, and I needed just a few more vases to supplement the vignette. I found these ones, and loved them! They are beautiful just by themselves, or throw some dried or fresh springs of greenery in them. Mine are currently holding a tapered candle. Check out my social media (links below and to the right) to see how else I've decorated with them. 

Detangle Brush
This one is for you moms! My daughter's hair is so long and gets tangled so easily. And she literally used to scream and fight me every time I tried to brush it. I was so sick of the tears. I tried brush after brush promising to be the best "no-tears" detangling brush. Those wet brushes are bull. I found this brush and decided to try it, and came to love it so much that it's the only brush I'll use on my hair too. They used to be available in stores, but I haven't been able to find any recently except online. My fear is that they are discontinuing them! I'm about to load up on them, ha!

Kubb Yard Game
Let's talk about warmer weather fun now. This game is the best! Our friends introduced it to us while out camping and we had so much fun. It's kid friendly even....just be careful because this involves throwing heavy wood batons. I did dent a fence with it once. Oops. Just make sure you have some space or scale down the game to work. We have played it with 1 player per team up to 6 players per team. It's seriously so fun! The goal is to knock over all the wood squares on the other persons line, and lastly to knock over the middle king to win. Obviously, like every other game there are some rules to get you there :) 

I have included some of my favorite things from lasts year too! These made the list for this year ...well because they are the best!

Magnetic Eyelashes. 
I started wearing magnetic eyelashes a couple of years ago, just off and on. Mainly for special occasions. I then realized how much of a time saver they were, and started to wear them daily. I loved one brand for awhile until they 'improved' their design. I stopped buying them since they didn't fit my eyes anymore. I have tried some random brands from Amazon that I hated. Then I found one brand that I have loved for over three years now. These lashes are from Silly George. Weird name, but great lashes! I've tried all three of the kinds they have to offer. I love the "originals", but the "dailies" are good for every day use. The "drama" ones were a little much for me. They offer a couple of eyelash things on their site, but the ones I love are the dual strip magnetic lashes. You can find them on their website.

AirMoji by MojiLife
I love this thing. I don't buy candles any more or air freshener. This thing pumps so much yummy good smelling stuff into the air, and the scents to pick from are amazing. They have their Christmas fragrances out right now. My favorite is I'll Be Home. It smells like a warm Christmas morning with breakfast going in the background sitting by a warm fire. They have a ton of other seasonal and non-seasonal scents to pick from also! Besides all their other scents, this little device is the best thing since...well, candles and hot wax. Actually, it's way better than those since it has no hot wax or flame, and is cordless and programmable. Plus, the scents last for weeks. I just put an I'll Be Home in my car that I have had open for about 4 weeks, and my car smells oh so good. I can go on and on about these can see my full on review at this link >here<. Or visit here to buy or learn more.

Josie Maran Whipped Argon Oil
I don't know how to describe this lotion, besides it feels like butter going on your skin and then melting away leaving an amazing scent and softness. Like, this stuff is legit. It's amazing and I could bathe in a whole tub of it. They offer multiple scents. This is one of those things you get for that person that is hard to shop for. You can find the selection here.
Dyson Vacuum, Ball Animal 2
Now, this has been a sanity saver in my house. Seriously. I had a Bissel vacuum for years and thought it was good. But it started to suck...well, not suck. You get my drift :) I upgraded to this Dyson ball vacuum last year after seeing how amazing it was at my mom's house with her german shephard. This thing is legit you guys! The first time I used it, I was so disgusted by the amount of crap in my rugs and carpet. I was emptying out the thing every room. I didn't realize how much stuff my old vacuum didn't pick up! Plus, if you are an animal lover ...this is for you! It gets that hair out of everything. I can actually wear black socks and not have hair all over the bottom of them :) ha! (you totally understand this if you have a crazy shedding animal). This comes with lots and lots of attachments too so you can use it virtually anywhere. I love the attachment that helps me dust my high up shelves and ledges. I can seriously go on and on about this! Check it out for yourself here :)

Wool Dryer Balls
Sounds normal and boring, but I didn't know what I was missing until I found these. I randomly saw someone post about how much time these wool dryer balls save when drying their clothes. Then I looked them up and checked out more reviews. I swear, am I the only person who had never heard about these things?! They cut drying time, they replace chemical laden dryer sheets, they help reduce wrinkles and static. Our dryer is a bit old and takes it's time drying things. These balls have helped so much in speeding that up! They are extra large and come in a pack of six. I throw all six in my wash every time. You can get them here. 

Alex and Ani bracelets
I received my first Alex and Ani bracelet a few years ago from my in-laws. It as something I didn't know I wanted. I wasn't a bracelet person back then, but my jewelry usage is cyclical. Since then, I wear bracelets almost every day and my Alex and Ani bracelets are always in the mix! They have such a great selection for all occasions. You can see them all here.
Turkish Towels
If you have been following me and reading my blog for awhile, it's no secret I love blankets and that  I love turkish towels. I totally use them as light weight blankets. They are great for style, great for summer, great for towels. And they come in some pretty great colors and patterns. About a third of my 'blankets' are turkish towels. They are a great, inexpensive way to add layers to your home. You can see a huge selection of them here.

Ruffle Skirt Bedspread
I have always loved the look of long bedspreads that touch the ground. They tend to be super expensive, so when I found this one, I snatched it up real quick! Now to look at the price, I freak out a little bit. I paid more than double and thought it was a good deal! Now it's like they are giving them away. I just love how it transformed my bed. It too has held up quite well over the past year between my husband, kids, and dog. It says dry clean only...then my mom's dog peed on it. I freaked out. They are luckily cheap enough that I figured I could just buy a new one for the same price of the dry clean bill. So, I decided to try to wash it first. What was I going to lose? And you know what? It was fine. Completely fine. Maybe softer even. I have washed it twice now over the years (we don't use it as a blanket, just as a spread that get's removed when we don't think I'm nasty. lol). You can get one for yourself here.

Hope you found some inspiration in this list! I feel like nothing on here is way overpriced. If I was a girl, and I am, and I didn't own any of these, but I do, then I would be so happy with getting them all for Christmas :) Heck! I wouldn't mind getting them all again even though I own all of them! ha! :) What's your favorite thing or gift idea to give during the holidays for those who are a little hard to shop for? Share below!

As always, these are my reviews from the products I received. Not all products are the same. Do your own due diligence before purchasing. If you purchase a product recommended by me, and it doesn't meet your expectations, please contact the place your purchased it from and not me :) Happy shopping!

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Christmas gift ideas for mom. Last minute christmas gifts for women. Christmas giving ideas. What to buy mom for christmas. What women actually want.

Christmas gift ideas for mom. Last minute christmas gifts for women. Christmas giving ideas. What to buy mom for christmas. What women actually want.

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