Late Summer Living Room Tour 2019

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I know, I know...I should be blogging about fall decor and have a million of pumpkins around. Well, sorry not sorry, but I am soooo not ready to let go of summer. I am enjoying every last ounce. We had a crazy winter and spring. I feel like winter went into June this year. My kids were wearing winter jackets on 4th of July night...seriously! I feel like summer just barely started over here. And well, now the kids are back in school and I'm being thrust into seasons I'm not ready for. Ever feel that way? So, if you are with me, let me share with you my non-pumpkin filled living room one last time before all the crazy seasons and holidays take it over.

I wanted to share this space with you because there have been so many changes since I last shared it in spring. I also had a chance to borrow a difference shows some really good, wider angles of the space.

The biggest change to hit this room is a new rug! I had the other rug for going on 3 years. I absolutely loved that much so, I actually bought two! The other one has yet to be used, hopefully I will use it for another room soon. But, I wanted to brighten this space up a little bit, and of course change the decor up also.
Here's the rug and the room from spring:

I seriously thought I would keep that striped rug in here for forever. But, sometimes it's good to have a little change and excitement added back into a space.

Another new addition includes this amazing Moroccan style leather pouf.
I've been eyeing this thing for months now, and decided it was finally time to buy it! Plus, it transitions so easily into fall.

I also updated my curtains. Once again, I loved my tan and white buffalo check curtains, but I wanted to try something new. You can barely tell, but these have white pinstripes going down them.

I kept my mantel pretty close to my spring decor. Just changed out the leaves for some faux flower sprigs.
 Shiplap: Tutorial     Media Console: Tutorial      Builtin shelves: Tutorial

Some more updates are these pillows! I felt so out of place not having blue in my decor this year. I usually add some sort of blue for summer. I bought the striped blue pillows and these darker denim blue pillows and put them on my couch when I still had the old rug. It felt so off. I knew that replacing the rug would help things, and it did!

I also kept the pink blanket to add a little feminine flair to the space. I quickly realized how masculine it suddenly got with the leathers and blues.
The half white and half brown pillows in the back are knock-offs from some I found online. I wanted them so bad, but new it was an easy DIY! You can see the full tutorial on how I made them and what paint I used to get a really soft leather like finish on them here.

What do you think of my new additions? I am loving them! I really did love my living room the other way also. It was hard to change it, but I knew it would be a breath of fresh air having a few new pieces.

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happy DIYing! Alicia