Boho Style Patio Decorating Ideas (Patio Makeover! Part 1)

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I think the one place in my house that get's trashed quickly is my patio. I'm sad to say it, but it inevitably does. I feel like it looks good for one year, and then the next it gets neglected. Then the following year I make it decent again, and get the drift. I decided it was finally time to completely update it. My patio is quite large, almost 40' long, so I'm going to break this into parts otherwise you will be in photo overload :) Plus, they are two different completely areas anyway. Kind of like a dining room and living room. 

I'm going to start with the 'living room' section since that's the part I've been teasing and promising for awhile! Can you believe that it's just barely been good enough weather to get some pics out here? Between the crazy wind and rain, I'm done! I want summer!  
These chairs have been around for quite some time now. I'm actually surprised they lasted this long! They were a clearance find at a local grocery store (yes!) 10 years ago. Oh goodness and have they've seen some changes. They started off brown and green, then the sun turned the cushions purple. Weird. Then I tried some cheap ways to cover them. I then painted the frames two years ago a navy. I decided to go more neutral this year and get completely new cushions that will last! Here's a pic from a long time ago of them: 
I could show you all the iterations, but I won't :) If you really care, just search for "patio" or "porch" in the upper left corner :) 

Back to my current you can tell, I kind of went with a boho theme out here. This rug inspired everything. I found it at Home Goods. My other rug, which I looooved, got all ripped up from the elements over the past years. I was so sad to see it go, but realized that spending $200 on a rug every two years wasn't good, so I kept it smaller this year just in case. I could easily do $50 every two years....not $200.

 I added this macrame dream catcher here, because, why not? I just loved the look. You'll notice in my next post, I added more macrame to the other section of this patio :)
 The pillows are from Better Homes & Gardens. The texture of them is perfect! 
 I have become quite the weird plant lady these days. Some of them are still green and growing....somehow! I found these rattan lanterns at a local store on clearance. $7 for this one! I faux-aged these terracotta pots also, and this X table was a clearance find from Hobby Lobby.

 I wanted to get a new coffee table for this area. The set came with one, which is in good condition....just super small and in need of a good sanding and paint job. The past few years, we had our fire pit out here...had to move it every time so it wouldn't ruin the rug. It was a big pain in the butt. Plus, ours rusted out this, yay! New table for me :) I wanted to go a little out of the box, and found this half wine barrel planter at Home Depot. I simply flipped it over, and voila! 
 I usually have plants on here and iced drinks! 
 My umbrella stand was super hideous, so I took some wood and covered it (you can see the tutorial here).
Covering it gave me another place to put stuff! This big lantern was a steal from Burlington. The #7 buoy is from Hobby Lobby.
 I just love this angle. These curtains are for privacy and a sun blocker. I made this whole contraption a few years ago and haven't looked back. Not only do they work well for both the privacy and sun, but they just add the perfect interest and border for the patio. (tutorial here)
 I ended up throwing out the smaller table that was here before, and decided to go a little unconventional again, and made this cut log into one. 
 Here's another look at the space. Pretty much everything has changed in here since you last saw it except the frames of the chairs! 
Here's a good crappy before from a few years ago:

 I just love hanging out here now. It's so inviting. I actually just installed misters along the curtain rod for those hot days! (which I have only had to use once so far! Ugh.. again..summer better get here soon and stay!)

Here's a sneak peak at the other portion of my patio which I'll share with you next week! Eek!

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happy DIYing! Alicia