Cheap Farmhouse Pillows On Amazon

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The below post contains affiliate links.

If you have read any of my posts, you all know how much I love pillows and pillow covers! I'm constantly on a look out for cute covers :) So, I decided to do a roundup post of whats in my wish list! I do have some of these already, and some of them I just can't justify buying quite yet...because...well, I have like a huge hoard of pillows and pillow covers already :) As with everything I post for shopping, do your own due diligence before you buy. Check reviews. Also, some of these are posted multiple times on Amazon, so it's good to see what's cheaper sometimes too :) All of these were available at the time I posted this for under $20, but that could change, so just check the link to see the price. 

Ivory Sweater Cover and Insert!

Navy Blue Striped Linen Cover

Oh, Susanna Pillow Cover

Knitted Cover with Buttons

Simple Striped Cover

Burlap Deer Cover

Burlap Home Sweet Home Cover

Cream and Tan Striped Pillow. I have 3 of these!

Buffalo Check Cover, Cream and Tan (I have 2 of these!)

Grey and Cream Buffalo Check

No.7 Pillow Cover

North, South, East, West Pillow Cover

Small Ticking Pillow Cover

Striped Pillow Cover in Multiple Different Colors

Grey and white striped cover

Ticking Pillow Cover in Black and Cream

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  1. I have several pillow covers from Amazon and love them all. Just be careful when you order and watch WHERE they are coming from! I waited over six weeks for one pillow cover because it was coming from China! Just letting you know so you won't be exasperated. Depending on which pillow you order, the waiting can be frustrating.

  2. Cute pillows! You have a good taste, nice article too.


happy DIYing! Alicia