Model Home Monday

I have realized as I have toured hundreds of homes over the years and looking for one personally for me, that most of the homes are inherently the same. Kitchen and living room always in the back, usually the dining room too. Sometimes you'll find a separate place for the dining room, but there's usually like two tears to a house, at least around here. You walk in, there's you entry, off to the side is a front room or office, you walk down the hall the second 'tier' and find the kitchen and living room and dining area. I love older homes because this usually isn't the case. And custom homes usually change it up a bit. But track homes? Usually all the same. Anyway. This home today intrigued me because they went against the grain. It was actually refreshing, so refreshing I was almost considering it. But, then stepping back, I know how caught up in the moment I was lol. This house isn't quite for me, but I give them kudos for thinking outside of the box :)

Hope you enjoy!
Here's the living room. I'm loving the built-ins...just not loving the built in bench. 
 Out of a hall you come to your kitchen. Right in the middle of the house. This kitchen is small in terms of storage, but very large in footprint.
 Here's the other side. Beautiful!
 And when you look up, it's a two story kitchen. I just wish this beautiful ceiling wasn't scarred by the track lighting.
 The dining room was off to the side in it's own little nook. This is what sold me on the house. Love how it has it's completely separate area.
 Off the kitchen, you step down into the living room. The amount of light in this room was extreme. No walls to put anything the TV.
 As you can see, they stuck the TV in between the chairs. A little inconvenient? But, this view you can see how the first floor of the house is laid out.
 Here's the master bedroom. I am in LOVE with this ceiling and wall!
 The master bathroom:

 Here's Room #2. I'm not sure if that bed just fell apart or what :)
 This 3rd bedroom is almost bigger than the master!

 Guest bathroom:
 And the view from the balcony into the kitchen.
So, what did you think? I think it's definitely a different flavor than most!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the balcony - always good to be able to see the whole home like that. What a beautiful home!


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