Model Home Monday

Alright. Here it is; this is the one! This is the home we have picked to build :) We are just waiting for the perfect plot of land to open up so we can get started! I just hope it's soon and not later. But, I still love our house, so I'm not in a hurry. But, at least we have the house we want to build when the perfect time comes :)

There's a few things that I'm going to have to used to. The family room is a bit smaller, not much, but enough to bug me. The master closet is just the same as ours currently; wish it were bigger! But, it does have a loft and and extra bedroom that we so desperately need! Hope you enjoy the tour!

Two story living room: 

 This bank of windows is amazing!
 The kitchen is a tad bit smaller, but it does have a larger island and a pantry!
 I love that this dining room is off to the side and not in line with the kitchen and living room. It's also the same size as our current one, exactly the same size!
 Love this buffet :)
 The master bedroom:
 We'll be getting rid of the windows by the bed, that would just drive me nuts.

 The master bathroom:

 Bedroom 1:
 Bedroom 2:
 Huge bedroom 3:

 Guest bathroom:
There's also a separate laundry area, mudroom area and powder bath near the kitchen. Oh, and a huge front room! My heart is still torn on whether or not to take this next step or not. I love our current house so much, but really if we continue to grow, it's just not going to work for very long without me losing my mind lol. I'll keep you all posted!

Builder: Edge Homes


  1. I don't really understand this, sorry, but if you can build your own house, then why would you not have everything, exactly, the way you want, i.e. size etc; I say, I maybe am not understanding how this works in your neck of the woods, and if you love your current home so much, can you not just extend...hope I haven't upset you, just my ramblings is all..x

    1. There's definitely a difference between going with a custom builder where you choose whatever plan you want (and make endless alterations), and going with a spec builder with a handful of plans that can only be slightly customized...typically nothing that changes the main footprint of the house. We went with a spec builder on our home and although we truly love our house, there are a few things I wish they had let us change. If we ever build again, we'd go custom all the way! ;)

      Good luck with your new house, Alicia! I know it's both incredibly exciting and stressful!


happy DIYing! Alicia