Model Home Monday

Welcome to this week's model home! This tour was just beautiful. I think the decor was just soso but the actual attention to detail in the building materials and characteristics of the home itself are just amazing.

Here's the entry into the living room.
 Those windows are just killer! I couldn't imagine having that much light coming into my house. I would be in heaven :)

 Here's the little dining room. I won't say anything about the decor....I promise, I have lots to say but will hold my mouth shut :)

 This kitchen is amazing. I wouldn't know what to do with this much space!
 Here's a close up of the backsplash. So pretty!
 The master bedroom:

I love this master bathroom. Once again the finishes they made are just perfect.

 Here's the upstairs loft:
 Guest bathroom:
 Boys room:

 Girls room:

This house is stunning to walk through. It was a close contender with the floor plans we want to use for our build, but they don't really offer customization. So, I would be stuck with that little dining room in the middle of everything which I'm not a fan of. The builder has a few other floor plans we like, so we'll see where that goes!

Builder: Candlelight Homes


  1. Sorry I think the kitchen backsplash is too busy. Also, I think the vent hood would look better if it was coming out of the ceiling. It looks really strange coming out of the wall like that...and yes the dining space is hideous...just sayin'. Otherwise it's a nice house though I would hate to have to pay a bazillion dollars for a house I would have to make changes to.

  2. That's a design that everyone should see to decorate their house. Really a good design specially for the small room.
    Thanks for sharing.


happy DIYing! Alicia