DIY Infested Halloween Wreath

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 Today marks the first day of my new series! It's all about Halloween :) I grew up not knowing much about Halloween. We always called it Fall Harvest or Fall Festival. We would dress up and go to our school and play games and get candy. My favorite thing by far was the cake walk. What's better than winning a whole cake to yourself when you're only 7? We didn't decorate and never stayed home or went trick or treating. I understand the reasoning behind why my mom did that for us, but as a grown adult I think Halloween is all too fun to pass up :)
DIY insect infested Halloween wreath. Make this for under $10!

 I like to bring in the gross and a little spooky with my decor more than gory. I also try to keep it kid friendly. So, for this year I made an insect infested wreath for my door. I was going to do snakes, but the stretchy gooiness of these centipedes was all too awesome.

This project was simple. All I used was a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby, the insects from Dollar Tree and some spray paint.
DIY insect infested Halloween wreath
 After spray painting the wreath white, I then used some hot glue to put on the insects. No rhyme or reason on their placement, just enough to make it gross.
DIY insect infested Halloween wreath
 Then for the finishing touch, I added a spider in the middle I got from Michaels last year. He's just hanging there by his 'web' or string :)
DIY insect infested Halloween wreath
 Can't wait to see the looks on the trick-or-treaters' faces this year!
DIY insect infested Halloween wreath
Total cost was about $4 for the wreath, $1 for the spray paint, $1 for the spider, and about $4 for the packages of insects. So, just under $10!

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happy DIYing! Alicia