Dining Room and Closet Turned Guest and Kid Bedroom

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I'm excited to finally show you this room! My mom has been in the middle of renovating her house for the past couple of years, project by project. One of her projects was converting half of an extended dining room and a walk in closet into a cute little bedroom for her grandchildren. She converted this room a couple of years ago and then finally got up the trim and paint last summer. Which meant it was finally time for me to come in and decorate! As for the 'before' picture, just imagine a large walk-in closet :)...and half a dining room that oddly had closets in it too lol
Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
 I wanted to keep it fun and girly, but a little gender neutral at the same time. This was a fun little task since I haven't really had to decorate a kid room yet. The only kid room I've decorated so far is my nursery, and that's just all neutrals, matching my aesthetic. So, it was fun to go out of my normal decorating style and play with colors...for the most part :)

This is the view as you walk into the bedroom. I love how the rest of the room peek-a-boos around the corner :
Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
The bed is a trundle bed (with storage!) we purchased from Ikea for about $300, which was the highest cost of doing this room. The bedding came from Target, on clearance of course :) You might recognize that little side table tree stump. I thought the gold gave this room the perfect little pop. I made the crate years ago and am so glad it's getting some love again! It's been trapped in the basement for awhile now. The curtains are from Ikea also, and the rug is two white shag rugs put together from Target. The sunburst mirror above the bed is from my home, it was so hard to part with! But I know how easy it is to make another one :)
 Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
  On the other side of the room is this cute little nook that we were going to put a vanity, but somebody (me) hasn't refinished it yet. So, for now the cute little teepee I made has found a new home in it; I think it looks perfect! To make it a little more cozy, I hug shear drapes from Ikea and swagged them. The prints are all from Hobby Lobby.
Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
 On the wall opposite the bed (which was half near impossible to photograph) are these Ikea lanterns I hung from my old wood table runner.
Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
 I love how the Tarva Ikea dresser I made over fits in this space and plays off the wood from the crate. I'm so excited to see this room finally done! And even more excited to see my sweet girls spending the night and playing in here.
 Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
 As for the floor? If you looked closely you might have noticed it's a bit different :) We're still waiting on getting carpet, so until the budget permits that, we decided to paint and seal the sub-floor. I'll have a post about that coming up next week!
Girl bedroom decorating ideas and diy projects
The wall color we used is Chocolate Froth from Behr. It's a little grey, a little purple, a little brown. Just depends on the light.

The cost for doing this room is a little varied, since most of it's hand-me-downs from old projects or decor of mine. Here's the break down:
Bed: $300
Bedding and pillows: roughly $60
Curtains: $20
Rugs: $65
Tarva Dresser: $100
Artwork: $80
Total-ish: $625


  1. What a fun and delightful space. This is so cute.

  2. That room came out so beautifully with all the decoration you made! its awesome!!


happy DIYing! Alicia