Model Home Monday {UV Parade of Homes # 16}

Happy Monday! Aren't you all loving this Fall weather? Well, at least around here it is finally acting like Fall. I can finally wear boots and not feel like I'm sweating my butt off :)

I have a small, but quite impactful home tour to show you today. It is full of yellows and greys and crazy pattern mixtures. It's 3,324 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Priced for $289,000. Enjoy!

Living room:
 I think this is a great take on keep the cabinets nice and bright without painting them white:
Dining room:
 Hall Bath:
 Master bedroom:

 Master bathroom:
Can you tell that they went a little overboard in some areas concerning pattern (even though they somehow made it work)? If you didn't notice, they even wrapped bands of the patterns on the pillows into the curtains. What do you think?

Builder: Fieldstone Homes
Interior Design: Aspire Design, Inc.


  1. I love the cabinet color! Do you know if they stained it that color then?

  2. I wasn't crazy about all the fabric patterns, but there were several I liked, and I like the way they incorporated it into pillows, curtains and bedding. it's a lovely home! Thank you!

  3. Hmmm, while lovely and beautiful, it was much too mono-toned - if you get my meaning..... The living room looked very comfy but with the beautiful picture, the curtains, two chairs and ottoman - all - displaying basically the same color -- all I got is -- Blah! The two chairs could have been in a deep rich rust color or the ottoman and / or the curtains. Too much of the same color and pattern in a room is borrrrring....... To bring out that pattern, you need only use it once, then have one of the brighter colors in the pattern pop somewhere else. The yellow throughout the house reminded me of a school house décor. Needless to say, did not care for the chosen color scheme.

  4. Me, again..... forgot about the dining table -- omg.... the vase canisters.... wayyyyyy too large -- over the top - mega decorum -- That size vessel belongs on the floor!.... yuk ..... yuk .....

  5. Agree with everyone. My thoughts on theses vases (?) : Scary! There could be a mummy sitting in each of them!

  6. I loved every room! Gorgeous home!!!


happy DIYing! Alicia