Upcycled Cardboard and Tissue Paper Flower Wall

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Inspiration usually comes from the oddest of places for me. This one wasn't so much as an odd place as an odd idea. I saw something like this on a wall in a cute little shop by me. I couldn't stop thinking of it, so I had to do it. I had a super uninspired wall in one of the bedrooms and some corrugated cardboard rolls laying around, so I figured I would try it!
 These cardboard rolls are usually used for packing. Like placing them in between plates and what not.
 So, I decided to throw up the roll on the wall in my own little version.  I just measured each column from molding to ceiling and stapled it in place to the wall.
 For the columns that couldn't fit the whole piece, I got a 'sample' piece that was the width I needed, and then used it as a guide to cut the cardboard in half.
 I had to splice some up a little to work around a few switches. It looks funny now, but once the flowers are added, you can't tell :)
 For the molding on the doors, I had to cut a little silhouette in the cardboard. Once again, ugly now...will be hidden later :)
 I have this weird thing with buying a ton of white tissue paper during the holiday clearance times. I don't know why, I have so much already, but I always buy more. So, I had a ton of these on hand to use to make flowers.
 I just rolled the paper into little rosettes and hot glued them to the wall. I also used some coffee filters for the bigger flowers to add a little difference.
 At first, it looked very unfinished and a little industrial and random. But with the rosettes and flowers added, it turned out super cute. It may not be some people's style...but I love it. It's just fun and definitely different :)
 I think I may end up adding more flowers as time goes by...maybe around the baseboards and other corners. I don't know. Maybe different colors...add something fun :)
That brings us to this month's Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse series!
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  1. I love the look you achieved by putting the cardboard on the wall. Great idea. I also like the simplicity of the white flowers. I think it's great just like it is:)
    xo Kathleen

  2. I would have never thought to find the cardboard in the packing materials. Love the added flowers to soften the space. =)


happy DIYing! Alicia