Studio 5 Video Segments and Some Big News!

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As some of you may have seen all over my Facebook page recently, I was on a local lifestyle TV show here in Utah called Studio 5 on Tuesdsay. It was so fun and such a great experience, and somehow I didn't get too nervous :) Once we got there, it just all happened so fast there was no time to get no time to calm myself from the fastness either lol. And...well, let's be honest, no time to air out my pit sweat, so luckily you can't see it in the video lol. (and don't try to look!) ;)

I was asked to demonstrate how to do my $20 upholstered headboard and my pintuck technique to turn any cheap pillow and duvet into a designer look. I wish I had more time on both of these to get into more details since a lot of things were missed, but I'm just glad I didn't mess up too much or  have too big of brain farts lol :) (ps. if you can't view the videos in the players below, look at the bottom of the post for smaller videos)

Here's the headboard! If you listen a bit, I give some good tips to cut even more corners and make this headboard that much cheaper. Don't laugh at me too hard:

And the pintuck technique. Super short...but it's super simple so not much more was needed :)

And yes! I'm pregnant! We are expecting our second little bean at the beginning of next year!

That's one of the big pieces of the big news....the other, well I'm not sure I should do this and put this out there. But, I know I want to do this and haven't yet since I have had no accountability. I'm going to start doing videos on most of my projects :) Ahh! I just said it. Now I have to do it lol. I've been mulling this over for the past couple of years and decided as my New Year's resolution I would do it this year. Well, since I didn't tell anybody about it, it didn't matter that I didn't do it :) Now I have no excuses (although I know I can come up with some and am sure I will try). The videos will only be for applicable pieces that make sense to even have a video. I'm not going to video tape how to paint something...I guess unless its a uber special never been seen before technique lol. Or room makeovers...things like that. I'm going to try to do small scale, sort of like I did in the above clips. We'll see how it goes and what it evolves into :) And don't shoot me if I don't do as many as you think I should...especially once this new babe comes around :)

Hope you enjoyed the videos and thanks for joining in on my embarrassment as you watch them ;) lol


  1. Congrats on the new Bean! I have been following your blog for quite awhile and enjoy your projects. Best wishes on all your new ventures.

  2. You will definitely bring the wow to that space. Love the video. Can't wait to see this one finished.
    Interior Design

  3. Great job on the videos, Alicia! And very happy for your baby news!

  4. Love your blog. You did a great job on the videos. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Can't wait to see the projects you come up with for the little one-to-be, :)

  5. you should feel proud you did a fantastic job...congrats on baby news... i love your blog xx


happy DIYing! Alicia