Model Home Monday

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Hey all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and you mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day :) The hubs got me Parade of Homes passes so I'm super excited! Nothing like being a looky-lou in other people's homes :)

Here's this week's model home edition. I am loving all the greys and neutrals that I'm seeing in this home. But each room has the perfect pop of color. First, is the front room. I can't tell you how much this room speaks to me...from the wallpaper, to the curtains, to the mirror and pillows...and of course the yellow flowers.
Grey and white living room ideas
 The living room is beautiful also with teals and yellows. I liked the idea of the mirrors flaking the fireplace.
Teal and yellow living room ideas
 And check out this awesome coffee table! It's like wood posts painted with silver leaf. Amazing!
silver leaf wood coffee table
 I've started to notice the dining rooms in most model homes are so so. This wasn't anything special to me but I really like that light :)
teal and white dining room ideas
 Out of all the homes I have seen so far, only like 2 have white cabinets. I'm wondering if white cabinets are going out of trend ?? I hope not, cuz I'm like this close to painting mine :)
Dark cabinets and light flooring for kitchen
 Here's the master bedroom. That bed is just amazing. You don't need any artwork in here because the bed itself is the art. And the colors are so soothing.
Grey and neutral bedroom decor ideas
 I love the composition of this little sitting area.
Grey and neutral bedroom decor ideas
 Here's the other side of the bed.
Grey and neutral bedroom decor ideas
 Here's the master bath. Doesn't match the master bedroom at all. But, those tiles are beautiful, and I love the height and color on the sink.
Bathroom decor ideas
 This house had an upstairs loft used as a tv room.
TV room decor ideas

Family room decor ideas
 Here's one of the bedrooms. Cute enough for a boys bedroom.
boy bedroom decor ideas
 And a girls bedroom. I'm not a fan of this. This looks to me like a bedroom in a bag. Maybe a rug would have fixed this.
teen girl bedroom decor ideas
 And there you have it! I think I would take the front room, living room and master bedroom and love to transplant them into my home :)

Builder and in-house design team: Ivory Homes


  1. Last week's model home was such a show stopper - it was certainly a hard act to follow. This house was nice, but not as "wow! Cool idea!" for me. I thought they nailed he living room though. Love the teal with yellow - it seems fresh!

  2. The front room, living room and master bedroom reminded me A LOT of your house, Alicia! Which I love...! Thanks for the tour! These tours are fun.

  3. LOVE The "Dark Grey" Paint color what color is it and who makes it

  4. That first shot of the Living Room with that wallpaper and THAT mirror!!! my favorite. Also, that metallic wood coffee table is one I've been wanting from ZGallerie for a long time! Love!

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happy DIYing! Alicia