Model Home Mondays

Happy Monday! As much as I know you all love seeing my house over and over again ;) I thought that I would make a new series to show some other eye candy! We have a ton of model homes going up around us right now....we used to live in the 'country', outside of everything, 20 minutes away from any store. Well, as things usually go, all the beautiful country and farms are now being developed. Which is sad, but at least now I have a ton of model homes to go through :)...not to mention a great way to spend my Saturdays lol. So, every Monday I'll be doing a highlight on a model home. It's always fun to see how designers choose to decorate these homes and the items/colors/patterns they use to incorporate all the rooms into a more flowing space.

Let's start the first tour, shall we?!
This whole house's 'theme' is the use of yellows and greys. I love how springy and bright this living room is. 
yellow, grey and white living room decor ideas
 Check out the flooring. I love this color! If only the hubs would let me have this in our house :)
yellow, grey and white living room decor ideas
 And that white couch is to die for.
yellow, grey and white living room decor ideas
 Love this spacious, open...and white kitchen. And if you look closely, check out the subway tile. It's going vertical instead of horizontal. Love!
White and grey kitchen with subway tiles
 I would never have thought to add brown into the grey and yellow color scheme, but these side tables work perfect in here. And don't those pillows looks so lush?? Oh, I just want to jump in them lol
yellow and grey bedroom decor ideas
 Okay, so I'm not a fan of dark walls, but this wall totally works in this bathroom. Now if only the mirror was framed out in white, I think this would be perfect.
dark brown and yellow master bathroom decor ideas
 This is super cute girls room without an abundant use of pink or other girl colors.
yellow girls bedroom decor ideas
 Cute and simple boys room.
yellow and grey boys room decor ideas
 This is how they decorated the loft off the stairs. This would be a great play room, homework space, and just a perfect place to escape. I love the built in bookshelves.
Yellow and grey family room
I wasn't able to get a decent picture of the guest bath on the main floor, but the walls were covered in bamboo. It was amazing! Probably not a good idea to have with little hands around, but it was beautiful anyway :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned for next week's tour :)

Home Builder: Woodside Homes


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