DIY Large Lamp Shade for Hanging Boob Lights

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DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
So, my house is full of boob lights. You know the ones, you look up at them and get the point :) I have one in my front room that hangs a little bit from the ceiling and was calling for a shade around it. But, I haven't been able to find a shade large enough or cheap enough to cover it so I decided to make my own.
DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
There are a few options to get the shape, one of them, and probably the easiest would be using a embroidery hoop for the top and bottom, but I needed at least an 18 inch hoop and those are about $20, and I would need two, so...that wouldn't do. I've thought of a few different options and ultimately decided to try a strip of sheet metal. You can get sheet metal in a 4'x4' piece for about $15. I found a 3'x3' piece for $6. and I only used 4 inches of it so that makes it super cheap.

Okay, so here are the supplies I used:
2 1" wide strips of sheet metal (the diameter of the shade you need will determine the length, for best results, make it the diameter of your boob light, or just slightly bigger-not much though)
4  1" wide 7" long strips of sheet metal
2 white poster boards (the sturdier the better)
Clear packing tape
Spray adhesive

Step one: Determine the size you want for the shade. I found that two poster boards put together made the perfect diameter for me. And 12" high is what I needed. So, I got the poster board, laid it on the ground and taped the middles together creating a super long piece. I then taped the sheet metal strips along the bottom, and one along a 12" mark I created on the poster board.
DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
I then cut the poster board along the top sheet metal piece.

Step two: Next is to create the shape. So, make the two short edges meet and tape them up.
DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
Step three: Take the 4 strips of metal and secure them to the top piece of the shade with either some glue or tape. If you want to, you can solder these on also, that will give you a better hold. You can get a soldering iron for like $9 that will do the job perfectly. 
DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
Step four: Now, take your fabric and lay it on a flat surface, and roll the shade onto the fabric, spraying on the spray adhesive as you go. I decided to keep it flush on the top piece and have it fold under on the bottom piece, so I kept the fabric about 2 inches wider to create the bottom fold. Once you have it around the shade, fold under the 2 inch pieces and secure with spray adhesive. For a more finished look, fold over twice.
DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
Step five: Add some ribbon along the top and/or bottom to finish it off.

For me, I was able to just hang this light, and somewhat bend the metal inwards to hold. You can probably do this for mounted boob lights and have the strips go between the metal and the ceiling.
DIY large lamp shade for hanging boob lights
Now, words of caution. Get the thickest sheet metal you can find that is still pliable enough to bend into a circle. Get the thickest stock of poster board you can get too. This will make sure the shade is sturdy. If you can find a embroidery hoop in the size you want, I would do that first :)

You can still see the boob light if you look underneath it, but at least this conceals it from a distance :)


  1. I was JUST staring at the boob light in my bedroom this morning, contemplating what to do with it. What a great idea!


happy DIYing! Alicia