Master Bedroom Makeover

I admit it, my bedroom wasn't that bad to begin with, but when you don't ever want to clean it, it probably means that it's time for a little refreshing and some redecorating. It came to a point that my bedroom hadn't been really cleaned for like months...serious. Months. I may have made the bed haphazardly a few times but that's it. So, I always say, if you have no desire to clean your room...ever. It's time to redecorate :) So, that's what happened here. I still have one big project that I want to do in this room that will make it perfect. But, I don't know when that's going to happen and I couldn't wait to show you this any longer. :)'s literally been redecorated like this for months..
white shabby chic bedroom
 Here's the before. Not too bad. I actually miss those curtains but I'm sure I'll find a place somewhere else for them. Not a lot of changes, but just enough to make a difference. Mind you, my room hasn't looked this good in over a year. Just image crap everywhere and you'll get the idea :) I'm not saying this was bad, I'm just saying I needed something new.
master bedroom design
I decided to change up the chairs to something a little bit more curvy and not so in your face. It helps that they have see through backs. I got these chairs a facebook yard sale group for $5. You can see how they use to look here. I also got that cute lantern for like $8 on clearance from Gordmans.
white shabby chic bedroom
I bought the lamps at Target. I was going back and forth on these for awhile now and tried a few different lamps but decided I liked these the best. And that owl was $6 from Gordmans. ...serious, if you are lucky to have that store in your area you need to visit it. It has great deals sometimes :)

And if you remember one my last posts about faking a clean house, you may wonder what's really in this little basket ;) ...I assure you, it really is just blankets this time.
white shabby chic bedroom
 As for this comforter and those pillows. I got those from Joss and Main I believe. But as you know, those deals don't last. But I found the exact one on Amazon. I love this thing. I especially love the look of it folded at the foot of the bed. You can see the one from Amazon here.

My husband's first reaction...albeit weeks and weeks after I got the comforter :) (I'm actually surprise he even noticed it at all..anyway.) ...was "I didn't ever take you for a ruffle girl". I'm not sure how I should feel about that. I guess I never thought of myself as a ruffle girl either but I really really like this!
white shabby chic bedroom
 The artwork next to the windows is the stenciled burlap canvas I did a few weeks ago. I love it right there, so much better than that darn sconce that was there for years and years.
white shabby chic bedroom
 Last but definitely not least, and probably one of the biggest impacts is this rug. I can't tell you how much this actually pulls the room together and adds just the right amount of pattern. And it's oh so soft.
white shabby chic bedroom
Here's the breakdown for these updates:
Rug got on sale: $149
Comforter: $99
Lamps: $60 for both on sale including shades
Curtains: $30
Chairs: $10
Random new accessories: approx $20
So about $370. Kind of a lot now that I add it up considering I did the whole room before for $100. But! I'd say the additions are well worth it. I'm so happy in here now and I actually make the bed like 95% of the time. I don't think that that has ever happened...ever. And waking up to an almost all white bedroom is like waking up on a cloud. It's wonderful :)

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  1. Such a lovely master bedroom! I can't believe you did that for $370!!!

  2. That was a great bargain and I love the all white room. Super soft and relaxing!

  3. Love it! Can you tell me how you made the three wall hangings that look like white and cork pretty please?

  4. Gorgeous. I love the makeover, so pretty and that rug is a stunning finds. Such a pretty room.

  5. I love how your bedroom looks! Your bedroom's new look is making me think that I should give my home's bedroom some decorating love! It doesn't have much style right now.

  6. Can you tell me where you got the grey and white curtains you used to have in there? Love them! I will buy them if you are selling :)


happy DIYing! Alicia