Shop The Look: Living Room Edition

Shop the look -shows were to get main pieces in this living room...all on a budget!

I get emails daily about where I got something in my living room. I like to shop cheap...err...thrifty. And I shop around a lot, so everything I have in there is either cheap, on sale, or a one off from some random store :) But, I decided that I should put a list together for you all that are interested on where I got everything...almost my living room. And hopefully, you'll be able to find what you were looking for too!...or something similar ;) If I don't have it listed and you want to know where it's from, let me know in the comments!
Shop the look -shows were to get main pieces in this living room...all on a budget!

1: First off, I get questions all the time about my sectional. I got this sectional for about $400 on a Memorial day sale from RC Willey a few years ago. But! Luckily, they still have it :) Not $400, but still a decent price of $699. I love this sectional. It's nice, roomy, plush, comfortable, and easy to clean. The only down fall is that you can't take the cushions out, at least in a sensible way...they have zippers, but you have to detach it somehow from the sectional to get them out. Luckily I haven't had to remove them yet :) Links:
RC Willey Sectional (exact match)
Bobkona Leather sectional on Amazon (similar match)

2: Our ottoman was another RC Willey score. They use to have a Wacky Wednesday's Deals, and this was one of them for $30. I know right?? $30!! So, yeah. Good luck finding an ottoman like this for $30 anywhere :) And I got really lucky that this ottoman matched my sectional and other couch almost perfectly. Here are some ottomans I found that are similar...but not similar in price:
Bonded Leather Ottoman from Amazon (similar)
RC Willey storage ottoman (similar)

3. The rug is from Target. I also found one just like it at Home Fabrics. They were both $99, but somehow I got it for $80 at Target. I'm sure there was a sale or something. I got it a few years ago also so I can't find anything like it anymore. But here are some similar least similar in color to mine:
Maples Fretwork Area Rug (similar)
Shaw Living Medallion Area Rug - Gray (5'x7') (similar)

4. The chair is another Target find. It was on clearance, and the only one left was the display model, so we got a really good least that's what my husband says. He got it for me for Mother's day. They still have it on clearance on so go and snatch it up!! (p.s. if you have a Target red card, you get free shipping and 5% off ;) ) Link:
Burk Armless Slipper Chair -Brown/Grey Medallion Upholstered Chair (exact match)

5. The lantern was a one off find from Gordmans. I believe it was $30. Here is similar one on Amazon well, similar in color and that fact that it has a flameless candle...and it's cute :) Here's another one that is almost identical on Amazon, just a little more expensive, but you get two!

6. The throw is from Ikea. It has the best looking texture close up.

7. The curtains are also from Ikea. They are super long, 118 inches which is amazing cuz you usually can't find lengths like that unless you special order them. Plus! These come in a pair...not per panel. Even better :)

8. The lamp was from Target. I got the lamp base on clearance...and I think probably the shade. But here are two similar items.
Threshold Silver Column Large (similar)
Threshold Square Linen Textured Lamp Shade (exact)

9. The faux sheepskin rug is from Ikea for $9.99. I love these rugs. I think I have about 7 or 8 of them strewn about the house. The wash up really well too. Just through them in the much better than trying to finick with real sheepskin rugs...and a little bit friendlier :) I love having this rug here for the pup to sit down and roast by the fire.

10. The mirrors are ones that I made, they are knock-offs of Ballard Designs Garden District mirrors. They are just made from $5 door mirrors and 1x4s. You can find the tutorial here.

11. The wood holder is also handmade just using scraps I had laying around. You can find the tutorial here.

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  1. Pardon the silly question, but do you think the Target chair would work well as a reading chair? I've been eyeing them on clearance for a while, but the lack of arms makes me wonder.

  2. That's so lovely, but how long could it possibly stay clean?


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