Chicken Wire Firewood Holder

Now that I have my new fireplace surround, I can actually place wood by it without it looking funny. The nice browns of the wood just didn't look right to the weird mauve color of the existing surround.

And since now I can put wood by it, why not make a container for it? See these projects practically make me make them. haha.
 So, to start off, I first cut the bottom piece out of some scrap plywood using my jigsaw. I made it about a plates size (actually, exactly a plate's size cuz I used a plate to outline the circle, you use what you have, right??).

And because we have soooo much chicken wire left from our chicken coop (which I will soon show you! we only have a couple more things to do to it before its camera ready :) ), i got a scrap piece of it. I didn't really care how tall it was, just as long as one of the edges was a finished edge.
 So, with these supplies in hand, I got to work :::
Wire Cutters
Staple Gun
Plywood circle
Chicken wire
 Next. The chicken wire rolls naturally, so I kind of just shimmied the plywood into the middle of the wire. I then started folding the wire down on top of the plywood and stapling it in place. Obviously, I first made sure that the top was going to stay even, but this kind of happened naturally anyway because of the way I did this. I also made sure to line up (for the most part) the same ongoing lines on the wire, like folding them in the same and what not. Does that make any sense?? haha.
 So, once I got to the end, I used the wire cutters to cut the excess wire off. I made sure that the wire overlapped by about one hexagon.
I then used the loose wire ends on both pieces and wrapped them around the other piece to secure the wire.
 Here is what the bottom ended up looking like, from here, I cut off all the excess wire also, so it would sit flat.

Next, is to spraypaint!
I wanted to bring in more color, so I painted the thing blue. Put it in the house. It looked silly.
So, I repainted it white.
Much better :)

Even though I have a gas fireplace, I don't really care that I have wood sitting there that will never end up in said fireplace :) its the ambiance it creates that I love.
It brings more warmth and texture into the room...which this room really needs :)
And this was and took only about 5 minutes to do plus the drying time for the spraypaint!

I can't wait to show you have in store for one of my next posts! I finally figured out what to do with my end tables :)


  1. Looks great! I'm surprised chicken wire will hold up pieces of wood!

  2. Nice! I like the way that looks, clean and efficient. I wonder if this would work for baskets for my craft room?

  3. Clever idea... I also liked the above suggestion of using Chicken wire to make baskets.

  4. Love how well it goes with the rest of your living room!!

  5. Your log holder turned out great - love it! I've got this linked to my chicken wire post too today, well done!

  6. So simple, but a perfect solution! Love it!

  7. I had always wondered about making a basket out of chicken wire! Thanks for the post, I think I'm gonna give it a try!


happy DIYing! Alicia