Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Ottoman or Floor Pouf

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DIY Ottoman or floor pouf made from mattress cubes!

So, this is one of those stories of getting something and having it sit in your basement for years. Like 7 or so years. Yep. I wish that was uncommon around my house, but it really isn't. But, the bright side of this, is that I actually do get around to making things out of my little findings :) ..even though its more than half a decade later lol.

Back in the day, we went to a furniture store....I'm sure to get furniture or something :)...but I don't remember what we got, if anything. But I do remember them having all these mattress cubes up by the cash register. They were mattress samples. They said they were $5 each. I jumped on it, and bought 4. I imagined I could do something with them, and well, for $5 that was a good deal. I mean, when do you ever see mattress samples?? I didn't even know these existed...of course I didn't know what I was going to do with them at the time either.
Did you know they sell or giveaway mattress samples?
I actually did do something with two of them. I stacked them and sewed a little cover for them. I believe I used it as a chair for awhile. I'm not sure why. They weren't very sturdy, and they were horribly ugly. It was just a plain black cover I sewed up in a few minutes. They did find their way into my basement. "The place furniture goes to never come out" :) For some reason or another throughout the years, I threw away the other two but since these one's had a cover, I guess that saved their lives.

I've been seeing these floor poufs everywhere now, and decided it was about time to make one when I remembered these little cubes. I didn't even know if I for sure had them anymore or not. And luckily I found them stashed in a corner in the basement! I was so excited. I thought they would make a great little 'pouf' or ottoman.
DIY Ottoman or floor pouf made from mattress cubes!
These were so easy to cover. First, I went and got some fabric. I found this beautiful fabric at Hobby Lobby. I loved it so much I got enough for a couple of pillows too.

I measured the sides and added an inch for seam allowances. The top measured 17.5" square so I cut it 18.5" square.

Each side was 10"x17.5" so I cut four of them at 11"x18.5".
So, here are all the pieces:
I found the best way to cover anything is to do it inside out first. Works great! Then you get your seams essentially. All you have to do is pin them together.

I laid the top down first, and then secured two sides with some pins.

Then, secured the other two sides with some pins.

Next, I secured each side to the side next to it. Simple.
Here it is all together. Well, inside out and together with pins :)
DIY Ottoman or floor pouf made from mattress cubes!

After they were all secured, I knew I had a half inch seam allowance to work with, so I sewed them together at half an inch.

Next was creating the bottom seam. I folded it under half an inch all around and sewed it in place.
And then turned it right side out, and put it on the mattress cube!
DIY Ottoman or floor pouf made from mattress cubes!

Now, this pattern packs a lot of I really have to get use to it :) But I love the look.

Now all I have to decide is if I want it in my living room or my bedroom. Would probably get more use in the living room, but also get in the way a lot.
DIY Ottoman or floor pouf made from mattress cubes!
So far though, they have acted as the perfect little table for the babe's toys and what not.

Either way, it'll be great to have them for when guests come over and we need additional seating. It's quite fun having guests come and sit on the floor to get up and find themselves covered in the white dog hair. :) I pretty much have a stash of lint rollers waiting by the door to give out. These poufs may remedy hairy bums, but won't do much for black socks :)
DIY Ottoman or floor pouf made from mattress cubes!
So, next time you go to a furniture store that sells mattresses, ask about their mattress samples and if they will give them to you! You never know :)