Free Halloween Printable and Vignette

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I'm super excited for Halloween this year. It'll be the babe's first...already got her a's super cute (well besides that one of the feet are sewn on backwards...nothing an exchange won't fix :) ). I'm not much of one to decorate my house for Halloween. I decorate the heck out of my yard and porch, just not inside. I decided that I might as well give it a try...but keep it clean and classy :)
Free Halloween Printable

So, first up was creating this cute little printable (downloadable below). I made it to fit a 4x6 frame and just used some ikea frames I had lying around. I love these frames! Maybe I have too many 'lying around'. I use them for everything.

For the table, I just spraypainted some sticks white, added a pumpkin, and a little chalkboard.
Simple Halloween Vignette

I did attempt to put some black cobwebs up but it looked ridiculous :) Maybe I just don't have that 'touch'....and you know what I mean if you try every year to put them up and they look ridiculous yet your neighbor's looks awesome lol.

Click below for the free Happy Halloween printable that includes the web and spider :)
Free Halloween Printable

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So cute! You know, the secret to those fake spider webs is to puuuullllll and puuuuulllll and puuuullll until they are really really sheer. So many people just grab them and barely pull them apart and yes, they do look ridiculous! Our neighbor was complaining the other day that she used 4 bags of webs and was not able to cover the whole front porch. I used 1 bag and had some leftover - our porches are exactly the same!


happy DIYing! Alicia