Fabric Rug Tutorial

I decided that my rugs are so boring. Especially now that Summer is here. My rugs are just too dark for my house; they are all brown and my house is all white. But, one good thing...brown hides dirt, so that's nice :) And that means less washing...even though I should wash them....I hardly ever do (don't tell anyone lol). But when I do, then I realize how dirty they really were. Anyway. This isn't about the brown rugs. I did an effort to update them a bit last year with some paint. That worked lovely. But they are still brown. So.....I remember seeing something like two years ago about making your own rug from regular ol' fabric. I wish I could remember who it was, I would credit her as being the first....but I remember the steps being a little complicated. The idea was nice though...

So, here's a super easy simple way to make your own rug out of any fabric that you'd like! Now, it's not going to be super plush or anything, but it'll be super pretty instead :)

DIY Fabric Rug
Fabric (size that you would like the rug to be)
Drawer lining (the rubber kind. You can get it at the dollar store. It's a lot cheaper than a rug gripper...unless you want to make your rug larger, then get a rug gripper the size you want your rug)
Sewing machine
Polyurethane...I used the spray on kind. Works wonderfully and you avoid the mess.
Giving a total cost, depending on the size, roughly $4.

Step one: Cut to size your drawer liner.

Step two: Cut your fabric about two inches wider and bigger than the drawer liner. So when you put it in the middle, you'll have an inch more fabric around the whole thing..give or take.

Step three: Place your fabric face down on the floor. Place the liner on top of it in the middle. Fold over the fabric edges onto the liner and secure with pins. If you are making a bigger rug, you'll want to secure the fabric to the liner with some spray adhesive first to make sure they stay together. With a smaller rug, I haven't had any problems. If you have fabric that tends to fray, you'll want to fold it over half way, and then fold it over again so that the raw edge is tucked inside. Make sense?

On the corners, fold over the corner like you are wrapping a present, and then fold over again, see the pictures below:

Step four: Now stitch in place!

Step five: Spray with a couple coats of Polyurethane. Wait to dry...

And you have a rug!
Fabric Rug Tutorial

I got this fabric from Joanns, it's by Waverly. How pretty is it?? I love it. Love it so much I made four pillow covers out of it. Probably will make more...or another rug :)

Here's to brightening the place up for Summer!


  1. What a clever idea. Love your rug, it looks so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  2. Love this! I wonder if it would work with iron on hem tape?

    1. But it would...but I'm not sure about how hem tape would adhere to liner ?? or...better yet, if you can even iron the liner. Might melt. :)

  3. As a non-sewer, I wonder if maybe a strong spray adhesive would do...love the look!

  4. I found you via Remodelaholic. I LOVE your style! I'm your newest follower. Do you pronounce it "A-lee-sha" or "A-lee-see-a"?

  5. Oh this turned out soooo pretty!!!!

    xo, Tanya

  6. I just bought new fabric for my fresh new bathroom & was wondering how I was gonna make a rug outta it. Thank you. I will also use the fabric on the shower curtain to pull it all together.

  7. Nice work !!! A tip or two from an R.A. suffer maybe double liner or some kind of foam helps sore feet. What women does not have that ? Also if one does not have a sewing machine someone suggested spray glue & the glue tape. In my experience following the exact direction on the glue tape was not a great turn out. I used fabric clue once, gets a thumbs up but turns out thick on fabric like a glue gun and very stiff. Never used the spray. I guess that is next. Last thought is goggle Knotted Rugs. Keep up the great work..


happy DIYing! Alicia