Thursday, April 4, 2013

No Sew Ruffle Curtains

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 I'm in the process of redoing my front room. It's funny that I get so sick of it so quick when I'm hardly ever in there :) I change it up at least 3 times a year...that's on a good year. All the big stuff usually stays the same, but the accessories, pillows and curtains get a face lift. Lately, it's been looking really blah. Like all one color even though I did have some color in it. But the seafoam green I had in there just wasn't enough. So I'm working on using some poppy colors to brighten it up.

Brightening it up also comes in the form of new curtains. New no sew ruffle curtains :) The easiest curtains you'll ever make. The best part of the ruffles.....which makes them no that they come like that on the bolt. You may have seen them before. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. They come in a ton of different colors....except yellow, boo :( least not at my hobby lobby. Anyway. It's about $10 a yard, but if you use a coupon it takes it down to about $6. Since I only use these as panels and not for actually closing them, I got about 3 yards and cut it in half to make my panels.

You'll want to measure the height of your rod and then add a few inches on the top and a few on the bottom and that will get you the amount you need.

Once you are done cutting (or not cutting if you want them fuller), just get some of these clips that you'll find in the curtain hardware aisle. I think they are labeled with something to do with cafe curtains. They're about 2 bucks for ten or twelve of them.

Now, lay the curtain face down. Fold over a couple of inches, and then start pinching.
No Sew Ruffle Curtains
Add a clip every couple of inches starting about an inch in on the ends. Should look something like this below ..
No Sew Ruffle Curtains
 This will give you a really laid back look, which I think is perfect for these ruffles. The best thing about this fabric is that you don't need to finish the ends. You can do this same thing with any fabric, especially if they have finished ends...or ends that don't look bad unfinished ;)
No Sew Ruffle Curtains
 I love the flow and movement they bring, and it's so light and airy :) A little stark white...but I think that's what this room needed.
No Sew Ruffle Curtains
 Here's the room so far. I have a few more things I want to do and then hopefully I'll be all done :) ...But that may take awhile. I have realized, having to take care a baby makes projects seem to take a lot longer lol. No complaints though.
No Sew Ruffle Curtains

 ...then having to take care of this pup too :) This is his room. His couch, pillows and blankets. I'm sorry if you ever visit my house, you'll for completely promise you...that you'll get a ton of hair on you lol. It's not fun, but I love this guy, and he's just so darn cute :) So I live with it.
No Sew Curtains Tutorial
So, all together, these curtains cost me $18. Not bad :) Now let's see if I can get started on that bigger project lol.