Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ikea Hack: Double Pelt Rug

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Hey hey! Let me just start by saying that I'm sorry I've been away for a little bit. I have projects up the galore to tell you all about, but my little miss is sure keeping me busy :) It's amazing how something so small can change your life so much. I have never...ever...been much to just sit around and do nothing. A thirty minute t.v. show can barely keep my attention. I just have to constantly be keeping busy...either cleaning, decorating, doing projects or working out. That's just how I always was.....but boy does life sure change when you get a little one. I have no time for any of those things and find myself sitting down the majority of the day. I wouldn't say it's being lazy, cuz I'm taking care of her, but wow, it's definitely a little different :) You would think with all the sitting, I would get around to blogging.... but I really like holding her :) A lot. lol

Double Pelt Rug

Well, back to the nursery shall we? :) Remember when I was on a crazy search for a plush white rug for the nursery? I searched every store and the internet high and low for six or so months and found nothing. Well, close to nothing. I found a perfect rug was $200. Which was alright. I wasn't happy about spending that amount of money on a rug, especially one I couldn't feel in person. But it was the cheapest....yes, sadly the cheapest...rug I had found that fit my criteria. The only problem? It was a sheepskin rug...a quad pelt sheepskin rug. First off, wasn't fond on the fact that it was from a sheep. Second, it wasn't all. So, I was really in a bind. Do I go with an expensive rug that I love the look and the plushness off and sacrifice the actually need of it being washable ...and a little more in my price range? I had that rug sitting in my shopping cart for like 2 months. lol. Luckily, I didn't give up and my scouring the stores led me to Ikea. -Oh Ikea how i love thee - :)... I found the pelts. ...the real pelts. and didn't like them at all. The color first off was horrible...more yellow. And the price was $40 or $50 a pelt and I wanted 4. So I might as well buy the other one. And then in the corner I spotted a different pelt. Much whiter :) I went to look...and lo and behold. $10....yup. $10. Synthetic...and completely hand washable. Score!!.....So, I bought 7. lol
A little ridiculous? Yes. But I knew a few places I wanted them....not just the nursery.

And since they were separate, and since I ended up putting the crib in the middle of the room, I was able to do two on each side of the crib for a perfect look :) ..and a total of only $40. And trust me when I say they really do come clean. The babe has already made her mark on a few of them while doing a photo shoot, and you can't even tell.
Double Pelt Rug
It was super easy to do this 'project'. I just took the two rugs:
Cut off the tags and stitched them together using a few 'x's.
Easy peasy, right?
Here's another place I did the same thing and put them on the bench in my dining room. Love :)
This reminds me a lot of Scandinavian design...I love how they use pelts to warm up their rooms.

So, instead of one quad pelt rug for $200, I was able to do two double pelt rugs for $40 and I could end up putting them together in the future to make a quad pelt :)