Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Sneak Peak

I am more than elated that Fall is here tomorrow!!! I'm finally seeing pumpkins for sale everywhere. It's wonderful :) lol. Now if only the weather will cooperate and let me wear my boots without me sweating to death in them ;) Plus, I'm to a point now that none of my jeans and pants fit, so I'm stuck in skirts, dresses, and leggings...and I have soo so many sweaters and tunics I can wear with my leggings, its just to hot to wear any of them. So, I hope Fall will quickly bring cooler weather ;)

I'm also going through my favorite pumpkin candles and scents way to fast and don't have any backups :) Any suggestions on favorite pumpkin or fall scents/candles I need to get?

So, since Fall is here tomorrow, I figured I will give a sneak peak of my fall living room decor and then elaborate a little more next week :)

Happy Fall Y'all! :) lol..sorry couldn't help rhyming it.

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