Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Glass Bottle Carrier

Hey all! So, I'm in the middle of a couple of huge projects that are taking up probably way too much of my time :) I can see the tunnel of light on all them...well, maybe except one. The nursery. Ou. I have some of it done....well, more like 10% done :) I think I need to start focusing on that one a little more. lol. Ya''s not like its time sensitive or anything ;)

Glass bottle carrier

Anyway. Here's one of those nice smaller projects for you to fill in the gap. It all started off with me looking at baby stuff...of course. I know this is dumb, but it really drives me nuts that I "shouldn't" throw my own baby shower. I have found so many dang cute ideas! I want to throw one just to make half the cute stuff I see. lol. That brings on this next project...I saw in one of the pictures I was looking at a cute case to hold glass bottles and wanted it badly. I figured I could make this even without throwing a baby shower for myself ;) Win win. lol
To start, just grab a case of cream soda/root beer/ or beer and measure the bottom of it. I found that using a 1x6 board worked perfectly for it. For my case (and I'm assuming most cases) cut it to 7.5" inches long. Cut 3 pieces this size.

Then lay down one piece, put the other two pieces on their sides, pushed against the side of the laying down piece and measure. If that didn't make sense, just take the width, which is 3/4", times by two and then add the depth at 5.75", which is 7.25" total. Now cut two 1x6 pieces to this length.

Now you have all your pieces. To add a little fun, I decided to paint the inside of mine a great seafoam green -yet another one of those wonderful home depot clearance paint finds :). Trust me, it's easier to paint the inside when the pieces are separate than after you put it all together.
 Next is to wood glue the pieces together. Once you have applied the wood glue, use your nail gun, or screws if you choose, to secure it in place.
Now paint the outside. I just used plain white craft paint for mine, and then added a little stencil to the side.
For the handle, I saw this somewhere and the idea just stuck in my head, I used some drawer pulls I got awhile ago for 60 cents each. Good deal huh? :) I marked 1.5" down and found the middle. Drilled a hole, and then secured my knob to it. I then did this on the other side also.
As for the handle, I just took some jute and measured about a 20 or so inches, then turned it back on itself, and then did it again, etc etc until I got a good thick handle. Or you can just use some thick rope.
jute handle

I secured this to the knob tying some more jute around it.
diy bottle carrier

diy bottle carrier

And there you go! Perfect cute bottle tote for any party :) You can make this super long or wider if you want to accommodate more bottles.
Now, as for me :) I'm over the hump at 22 weeks! Time is flying by :)...But not fast enough lol. I just had another doc appointment and my due date has changed slightly....You'll never guess when I'm due now.... Yep. Christmas. Oh boy. I just keep having to tell myself only a small small percentage of women actually have their baby on their due date. I hope that's not one of those made up statistics :) I'm hoping to show you bits and pieces of the nursery in the upcoming weeks! And definitely need advice of what things I need to have in there and what I don't :) It's getting to be a little overwhelming lol.
Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!
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