Barnwood Style Serving Trays

As some of you may have heard...I'm getting in the mood for Fall. I made the mistake of burning my pumpkin candle, now all I can think about are cool breezes and caramel apples :) It's taking everything in me not to break out the Fall decor. I know it's too early...but this inevitably happens every it doesn't help that there's a cold front coming in.

So, I have to keep my mind and hands busy with non-Fall projects. But, really, the first piece of the project can total be Fall. Just think of a yummy pumpkin pie sitting on it....'just sayin. lol. That's why I 'summered' it up in the second one with some bright color.
diy serving tray

These trays are super easy to make and take no time at all. I think the most time was spent just sanding the little buggers to get the look I wanted. This was a no cost project for the $100 price tag I saw for something similar in a magazine awhile ago.
wood serving tray

For the round one, you'll need 4 pieces of 2x4 cut to roughly the same size. Together the 4 pieces equal 14 inches. So you will want to cut the individual pieces at least at 14 if not more. I cut mine at 16 inches. This will give you a diameter of the circle of 14 inches. I made mine 13 inches just for ease of not going clear to the edge.

Line the 2x4s all together and secure them with a 1x2 not directly in the middle, but within the 'circle's diameter. You are going to secure a second 1x2 after you are done cutting it, so make it equidistant from the center of the circle, so the second 1x2 will be the same distance just on the other side of center. Make sense? lol. I'm sure there's a better way to explain this, but you have to least I am remembering words at the moment. I totally didn't believe 'pregnancy brain' existed but it totally does :)

Okay. So next is to create the circle. Grab a screw and put it in the middle of your piece. Just measure 8 inches from one side and secure between the gap of the middle 2x4s. This will be the center (if you are using my measurements). Now tie a piece of string on it. I just used some jute lying around.
Figure out the distance you need to create the circle without going off the boards, and tie a not onto a pencil at the distance. Now, this may get tricky, you'll probably have to go around a few times to get a good circle. Just remember to keep the pencil at the same angle every time and that your screw isn't moving. If you go around a ton of times and then finally get the good circle, just run the pencil over that line a few times to make it darker so you know which line is which.
Now you are ready to cut! Use a jigsaw and cut the wood following your circle line. At one point, I kept hitting the 1x2 support piece so I just unscrewed the 2x4 I was working on and finished cutting it unattached, and then screwed it back in place when I was done.
Now that you are done cutting the circle, secure the second 1x2.
Now, sand this baby to death. Round the edges and corners to get a really smooth look.
diy serving tray
Next is to stain! or paint..or whatever you choose to do. I stained mine. Remember to stain the bottom 'legs' or 1x2s also.
jute handle

For the handles, I chose to go a little rustic on this one and use some jute. Just drill two equidistant holes on each side of the circle, and secure with the jute. To get the thickness of the jute, I used about ten pieces. Easy peasy!

See,.....can't you just imagine the yummy pumpkin pie??? :)
diy serving tray
Okay. now for the summer-y one. I used 3 pieces of 2x4 for this one at 21 inches each. A little long? I care? No.. lol.

First step is to sand these individually. Make sure to round the edges for a finished look. You can see the big difference sanding makes in the picture above.

Once you are done sanding, secure them together with a 1x2 on the bottom about 4 inches in from each end.
Now paint!...or stain...etc. For this look. I white washed for the first coat.
square serving tray
Then 'blue' washed (?? lol) for the second coat. I found this paint at Home Depot in there as-is paint section. Beautiful color ain't she??? :) To get this look, I just dipped my paint brush a little bit into the paint, then dipped it into a cup of water and applied it onto the wood.

Now for the handle, I just used a small-ish door knob/cabinet pull and screwed them in.

How easy was that??? I spent maybe an hour and half to make both of these, and no money (oh, except for the pulls on the blue one, which were $6.00 total from Hobby Lobby). Just my kind of project :)
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  1. So cute!! Love the stained one! Might have to borrow this idea!

    Rodan+Fields Consultant

  2. totally doing this with some pallet wood I have outside!! Thanks!!! :)

  3. Absolutely LOVE!! Fabulous idea, I will be doing this, this weekend :)

    -- Fotini { }

  4. How do you secure the jute so the tray isn't wobbly and it stays in securely? Cute!

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  6. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the dark wood and the blue. You did a really great job, so thrifty and chic :)

  7. LOVE! Visiting from House of Hepworths!
    Sam M. | Atkinson Drive

  8. I may have just found the perfect wedding shower gift for a good friend - thanks for the idea!

  9. They are simply stunning! Pinning so I will get around to making some someday...

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
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