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As if have mentioned before, I have a love-hate relationship with jewelry and accessories. I love to buy them and wear them. Its obvious, especially when the hubs asks "do you really need that?" Its not a question of if I need it, its that I WANT it. lol I'm sure you all know how I feel. Well, my love has started to take over my bedroom. See exhibit a and b below:
This is where the hate aspect comes in. It's just getting ridiculous. The wall hanger will all the scarves use to look like this:
diy necklace holder
 You can see how I made this hanger here. It's obviously something that I use unlike a lot of the jewelry hanging type stuff I have made. This is the one that has gotten the most use and some how it hasn't fallen off the wall yet :) But as you can see, I needed more of it. A lot more lol. And as for the lamp and plate (exhibit b, yes there's a plate under there) well, I'm not sure how that happened. Ease of use? My catch all for my rings become a catchall for everything. Either way, I needed a solution...

diy jewelry holder
 It just so happened that I had a huge empty wall/corner that was a waste of space. So, I figured that was the best place to expand my collection :)

I wanted to make this really simple. I could have gone a little overboard with molding and routing and what not, but decided to keep sleek simple lines.
 To do the shelves, I just used a 1x4 for the top and either a 1x2 or a 1x3for the base. I used the 1x3 on the piece that I wanted to add the drawer knobs to in order to get more room to hang scarves.

  I cut the 1x4 and the 1x2/1x3 at the same length. Lined them up perpendicular and screwed the 1x4 into the base. Depending on the length of the board, I used about 3-4 screws for each shelf. You can wood glue these also, and then screw them. I lost my wood glue. So I just used screws and they seem sturdy enough :)
 Next was to add the drawer knobs into the base. Either paint the shelf first, or you can wait to paint it until after Step 2.
1. Find out where you want to put the knobs and mark with a pencil.
2. Drill through the mark in step one with a bit that is slightly smaller than the thread on the knob. Then on the back, either use a countersink drill bit to add an indentation or use a larger drill bit and drill about a quarter of the way through. This will make the knob flush with the wood when you add the bolt.
3. Screw the knob through the hole. Mark on a spot on the thread of the knob where it becomes flush with the wood.
4. Use your Dremel to cut at the mark you just created. Use the right attachment for this! I used a reinforced disk that is made to cut metal. You can skip taking the knob out of the wood if you wish. On the piece I did earlier, I took it out. But on my new shelves, I just kept it in how it appears on step 3 and used my Dremel from there. You can see in Step 6 how it marked up my wood, but that didn't matter to me. Its just up to you how you want to do it.
5. Screw the bolt on with some needlenose pliers
6. Attached a claw clip to hang; if its a longer shelve, use two claws. Or you can just choose to screw the shelf directly into the wall.
knob necklace holder
 Here's how the knobs ending up looking on one of the pieces. The other piece, I had them so far apart that it was hard to get a decent picture :) But the further they were, the more room I had to hang stuff. lol.
necklace holder
 It's nice having more places to hang my necklaces. They would get tangled like crazy how they were before. And pretty much, some of the stuff just got lost and I totally forgot I had half of them. lol. Especially if a scarf was thrown over it :)
diy jewelry display
 A lot of the jewelry organizing stuff I'll show you the how to and the 'what the heck' in my next post :) See how much more room I have for my scarves ?? Love it. and yes, I have too many scarves. This isn't even near all of them. One thing that I have noticed though, is that I wish I would have put the knobs on this shelf a t-bit lower so I had more room on the top to hang bulkier scarves. Just a thought for those of you who want to make this :)

So, here's that corner before...totally unused space::
master bedroom
And after :) Oh, and now I have a good mirror also. That was a quick update from an old mirror my brother gave me and the hubs wouldn't let me keep in the room cuz it freaked him out, reminded him of a horror movie or something lol. Well, now it doesn't look too evil :)
diy jewelry display
 I'm just hoping now that I keep this space clean. lol. I figure I have enough space to put stuff so it shouldn't get cluttered to quickly :)
diy jewelry display

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  1. Looks great! So much pretty stuf in a lovely little display. (And I love Burberry!)

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    Visiting from House of Heps

  4. I really love this! I definitely need a better solution for all of my accessories. Might have to try this.

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happy DIYing! Alicia