Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY $4 Framed Builder Mirror

I've gotten a few questions on how I did the frame around my mirror in my guest bathroom for 4 bucks. So, here's to you guys!...and the few others who might care :)

I framed my other guest bathroom's mirror last year. I did it with casing. I think it cost me about $20 or so. Maybe more. I can't remember. I remember thinking that if it cost me that much to do such a small mirror, my larger mirrors are going to cost a ton! So, I've held off doing them...until now :)
white bathroom

Since I was going the cheap route with my board and batten (tutorial here), I decided, "hey. I have a ton of left over 1x4s. Why not make a mirror?" They are super straight and lets face it...if I decided to do some fancypants molding around the mirror, it make look just a bit out of sorts with the rest of the bathroom. And, I wanted the bathroom done, like yesterday, so holding off to do the mirror wasn't an option. Plus spending a ton on molding, was also not an option. (bad grammar? lol. I got my point across :) )So I gave it a whirl with the 1x4s.

building mirror frame
 To start, I measured the mirror. Then I measured the 1x4s to those lengths. I cut them with a mitered edge. I couldn't afford to have the wood go outside of the mirror because of the wall, light fixture and counter, so I had my longest edge be the length of the sides so it fit right inside the mirrors edge. Does that make sense? I guess to sum it up, just measure then length on one side of the 1x4, use your miter saw, and have this mark be the longer edges side. Oh, and if you are starting with a new piece of wood, cut one edge mitered first, then measure, then cut again. Got it?

Next was to paint it. Paint the whole outside, and then about a quarter to a third of the back on the inside edge's side (the smaller length side). If you don't, the mirror will reflect just the bare wood. I guess if you like that look, no need to paint! lol
 For me, with the board and batten up. I had to make sure to not bring the boards all the way to mirror so this would work, therefor I have about an inch gap, shown above.
building mirror frame
 I nestled those 1x4 babies right in there. Luckily with the board and batten on two sides, and the counter on the bottom, I was able to place all of these on the mirror first without securing them to see how they looked and if my cuts were off or not. They weren't. At least not much enough to care :)

Once I knew that it would work. I used some waterproof silicone and placed a good zigzag line on each board. Don't have the zag go to high, or else you'll be able to see that in the mirror reflection also. You can see how I did it here on this tutorial.

Then to finish, I placed painters tape all along the mirror to hold in place while it dried. Left it there for about a day in a half or so.
diy mirror frame
 Once I felt that it was safe, the tape came off! I love how this finished off the bathroom. With it being a 1x4, it of course has its natural character, which I love! It goes great with the rest of the room.

This is the before of the mirror:
 And the after, all nice and finished::
diy mirror frame
And that's what $4 can do for your mirror! lol. And I guest what $15 can do for your whole bathroom if you include the $11 board and batten :) Don't you love cheap projects?
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