DIY Farmhouse Hanging Shelves

DIY farmhouse style hanging shelves made from wood or reclaimed wood. Farmhouse decor and decorating ideas

Do you ever have one of those problem walls in your house that you can't seem to get quite right? I have a whole room dedicated to this :) Its my front room. That poor room has changed more times there are months in a year. Although, I think I've finally have it the way I want and then again, I seem to say that a lot. lol

But for now, the only thing in the room that has been bugging me lately is a single wall. I just can't figure out what to do there. That wall has probably been changed more times than the room. What I really need is a huge bureau where I can put all my coats and vacuum in, but I can only wish :)

Well, I think I finally solved the probably with these babies.... sans the bureau.
diy crates
It adds the perfect amount of cottagey-sea-esque feel without being overbearing. It also offers the perfect place for much needed accessories.

And the best thing? I used scrap wood to make them. Luckily, I had a lot of scrap wood. :) lol
building crates
So, to start off, you just need to create a box with the wood. Cut two pieces of wood the same size for the smaller sides, and again for the longer sides. Then line them up in a box like shape, secure them with some wood glue and a nail gun.

Next, measure some slats at the same size as the small edges, line them up on one of the open ends, and secure.
I did two boxes the same size, and another one a bit smaller.

Next was to paint them.
hanging shelves
And then to hang them on the wall. I found the studs, and put a screw in through two of the slats.
crate shelves
And there you have it! You have no idea how much better this looks than the before....
See, told ya? I was right huh? The before should I say it. Left a little to be desired? lol
diy crate shelves
And the after. A little better? It matches the rest of the room now. Which, by the way, is in the process of another update. lol. Not a big one, but still. One of these days I tell you, one of these days....
diy shelves
This is how they look from the side when you first enter the room. You can see the slats on the back, which I love. It adds to the charm a little bit.
diy crate shelves
And there you go! This room is finally a bit more welcoming...and a lot brighter! I'll have to show ya'll the other updates which have also made a big difference :) Don't you just love high impact, free projects??
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  1. Kill me now - this is sooo goood!! You have just shown me the best solution for my kids room - to hold their trophies, a few books and sentimental things. Thanks for the weekend project :-)

  2. They look great in the space with the chair - and I like the way you styled them.
    My living room walls are about the same color...still painting! :)

  3. Amazing. I love it and would love if you linked it up on my link party.


  4. Great transformation!!

    Please consider sharing this on Thingamajig Thursday going on now...


  5. Yes, I totally have one of those headaches walls. Crate shelves were something that never even crossed my mind. Good choice and as always your stuff looks terrific.

  6. Gorgeous!! You have a such great eye for design. This little nook looks perfect :)

  7. I LOVE these! Just found your blog and am your newest follower. You are so inspiring!

  8. Totally Perfect!!! I'd love to have you share at my JUST opened!!!

    XO, Aimee

  9. Very cute! Love these shelves & that entire wall!!

  10. are so clever...good job.

  11. I found you from the "At The Picket Fence" and love your awesome ideas! I'm in!!!!!!!!
    ~ Lisa


happy DIYing! Alicia