Monday, March 19, 2012

Bath Sneak Peak...and Curtain turned Shower Curtain

As you all know, I'm in the middle of a little bathroom makeover. I figured I would share this quick idea with you all that I posted about awhile ago, but figured now's a good time to refresh your memory ....and I guess, it'll also be a little sneak peak into how the bathroom is starting to look :)
I've always hated how small and tiny shower curtains were. I don't get why they make them so dang short :). You get the 'floods' from the bottom and the foot or so of space up on top. It just doesn't look right. Plus, as with normal curtains for windows, you want to hang them high to trick your eye into having the room look that much taller. This should definitely be the case with itty bitty bathrooms, right? Right. So then why are shower curtains so small?
(this is before with the itty bitty shower curtain)
Anyway. That doesn't matter anymore! To solve this problem, just use normal curtains. Easy peasy :)

So, I made the mistake of falling in love with these curtains from Ikea. They had the best design...but were see through.They were $20, and thats all I wanted to spend. I didn't want to spend anymore money to make a backing for them and if I put them up just the way they were, you could see where the rod and shower curtain liner started behind it. Not a pretty thing.
So, to fix this little misstep, and to keep my beautiful curtains. I just had to extend the shower curtain lining so that it went from the ceiling to the floor.

To do this, I used my existing liner and bought two extra liners for about $2 each. I knew that I needed about an extra 19 inches to make the liner go from ceiling to the ground.
So, I lined up the ends of two of the liners, sewed them together. Then on the bottom liner, cut it at 19 inches. To make sure the cut was straight, I found 19 inches at about 5 different spots on the liner, then folded over the liner, lining up the top with the marks, and cutting from there. Make sense?

I did this a second time, and got two full liners, both the perfect length.
Next I just secured these to the same rod as the curtain panels, and done!

Now this will give you a lot of liner. So, if its too much for you. Just use one liner. Or if you want an 'entry' in the middle like I did, use that one liner, and cut it half height wise, and there you have it!
shower curtain
This makes such a better statement than those little dinky shower curtains :) And you get the fullness and height that they lack with about the same price tag. Can't beat that!

Now, you can probably skip most of these steps, if you get a curtain that isn't see through :) Just put the curtain on a higher rod, next to the ceiling, and keep the liner on the lower rod. Tada!

Next up? The complete bathroom reveal :) (even though you've already seen a lot of it, haha)
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